May 20, 2022

Day 3 Fasting - Failed

10:49 AM

The only thing I have to do is nothing. I weighed 184.2 pounds this morning which is close to my all time lowest this year of 182.8 pounds. If I can fast for one or two more days, I would be break my lowest weight record for the year. If I can get below 180 pounds that would be amazing.

I think it’s only possible to tell the difference in appearance once you lose 5 pounds, then it becomes apparent. Anything more than that is hard to spot.

11:23 AM

I just came back from walking outside and it is HOT! When I came back in, I couldn’t believe it was only 11:15 AM, it honestly felt like I was out there for ages. It’s very very hot out. I just did one lap around the neighborhood basically, but I do these weird rituals like I walk through this one square path over and over 8 times in a row. And then once I finish 8 laps I raise my hands up in the air as if celebrating. I don’t know why I do this, it was just for fun that I went around here. I started off going around 2 times only, did that for months where I would just do 2 laps around this square part, it takes like 30 seconds to walk, and then at some point I was like, let’s make it 8! So then now I do 8 laps around this square part, and then I raise my hands up to celebrate when I do them. Weird ritual right?

Anyway I just did a coin flip asking “should I eat today?” And it said yes…. So. I guess I should eat today? I did another coin flip asking if I should eat tomorrow, and it said tails. So I guess I eat today but not tomorrow. Sounds good I guess.

Man are you kidding? I just asked if I should get Mama Pacha’s today and it said tails. What am I supposed to get then? La Frutera? Actually that does sound nice. Maybe. Tails on that too.

4:37 PM

I asked if I should get a haircut and beard trim today and it said heads, so I messaged Aloe if she would. I was going to go there at 3 PM but another meeting came up at 4, anyway it was delayed and we eventually just cancelled it. Next time.

I had other meetings throughout the day. I had a Spanish lesson at 2 PM and that lasted an hour.

Right now I feel quite insanely hungry. I need to go out and get some food.

4:43 AM (of Saturday, May 21st 2022)

So I went out and bought some oranges and bananas and a bag of chips and some No Cow bars.

It is so weird, I was so hungry and tired when I was typing that up at 4:37 PM, like I wanted to work but I couldn't concentrate, I was too focused on my hunger and extremely low energy. As soon as I stepped outside, I had full energy again. On the drive to Wal-Mart, I had full energy again. While walking around Wal-Mart I had full energy still. What the heck happened? At home I was just so hungry and tired that I was lying down and couldn't concentrate on anything else.

On the drive there actually, I contemplated whether I should just turn around and head back home, because it seemed like I had fully recovered and wasn't feeling so hungry and tired anymore. Before eating I did 60 push ups, with the last 2 being sets of 20, all in under 5 minutes, I barely took a break between each, and this was before eating anything. So it's weird I still had all that energy and strength to do all these push ups.

I spent the rest of the night doing hedonistic activities.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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