May 24, 2022

Finished Claymore, Upgraded to Flutter 3, and Other Work

5:55 AM (of Wednesday, May 25th 2022)

Today is Tuesday, May 24th 2022 and it was a decently productive day today. In the morning I was finally able to complete the upgrade of Vegpal to Flutter 3, which took a while to do. Almost every time there’s some major upgrade like this, some things break! Thankfully in hindsight it was all so easy to resolve, but as I was going through them, it did not feel easy!

There was simply a never ending amount of errors and as soon as I resolved one, a bunch of others came up. When was it going to end? I didn’t know. I didn’t think I would ever reach the end. It seriously felt never ending. The solution to these errors wasn’t obvious either and they took hours to resolve one error. Somehow I was able to figure it all out today, miraculously I guess, and wow. Yes. I did it.

12:34 PM (of Wednesday, May 25th 2022)

I got some Mama Pacha’s. I had an informal Spanish lesson today. I finished reading Claymore. I actually did not know the ending of Claymore! I thought I did. I guess I just got very close to the end of it last time but never fully completed it.

So the ending gets pretty crazy. Spoilers! The craziest events start happening and it just goes really insane. I do wonder what’s off the island though, but the story never goes over that. How come when other people sail off the island they can’t find any other land?

Spoilers! The story goes how anyone predicts it to go, it ends with the good guys winning. I feel like they rushed the end though to be completely honest. They basically just wanted to end it as soon as possible I guess, though I am also not sure how they could have prolonged the story, unless they involved the land outside the island.

I also watched this anime called Kino and the beautiful world or something like that. It’s a very creative anime about a character that travels to different “countries”. They use the word country loosely because sometimes the entire country is only as big as a city, often times actually. There is this one “country”, but it’s basically this giant tower, that moves around on wheels. There is another “country” that is a huge ship basically. All these countries have giant walls that separate them from other counties.

In that show too, motorcycles talk for some reason. The main character’s best friend and closest companion is a motorcycle that talks. But that’s all they can do. They can’t move on their own, they can’t control themselves, they just talk.

I think the first episode was the best episode. It’s about a country where anyone can kill any anyone else for any reason and it’s perfectly legal. We don’t learn the catch until the end, and it’s basically that if someone does Jill someone or attempts to kill someone, everyone else informally gangs up on them as an unspoken rule. So it is legal to kill someone in that country, but they have a high chance of dying too.

The second episode has this swordsman that can deflect and cut bullets in half. Of course it’s basically physically impossible, but that character is cool. I think shows like this give people unrealistic physical expectations of the real world. I think there are some people who after watching this episode, think that even some people in real life can do this, when in reality 0 people can in the whole world. There’s also scenes in other anime where someone gets punched across the city or something and crash into a building, and they are basically unscathed. For sure as a teen, I probably thought I was this invulnerable too. Now I view this as too crazy.

One of the dumbest things is when an anime tries to portray itself as realistic, but then does stuff like that. There are some anime that sort of start out realistic, I guess all of them sort of start out realistic and feasible, but then they get pretty crazy and unrealistic later. Like I would say Eyeshield 21 starts off pretty realistic, about a kid that can run insanely fast, but then it moves to like some crazy other things that are not physically possible. Yeah basically any anime I can think of is like that. It’s just a cartoon anyway, but yeah very crazy and unrealistic stunts always take place.

What else? That was pretty much my day then I guess. Nothing else new.

Written by JustMegawatt

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