Feb. 28, 2020

paczki day

Tuesday was Paczki Day, a well-loved occasion because every year, Apolonia brings literally hundreds of paczkis to share.

"Do you actually like those things??" my boss asked me, to which I said yeah. I mean, who doesn’t like jelly donuts? Apparently, the answer is my boss. She thinks they’re gross. There’s also bad blood between her and Apolonia. This part is an office tradition, since my former boss didn’t get along with her either.

(Apolonia is way more emotional than logical—kinda like a newer-model SooQ—and when she feels strongly about a subject, no amount of “reasoning” is going to sway her. This didn’t play well with my no-nonsense former boss, and also doesn’t play well with my practical, results-oriented current boss.)

Anyway, Tuesday morning came, and my boss was like “arggggh let’s get this over with” and we all trundled over to Apolonia’s office.

But when we got there, my boss was all smiles and graciousness as she stood there chatting with Apolonia. (Oh, it’s so wonderful that you do this every year! etc.) It was kind of surreal and disconcerting. You’d never know that she was badmouthing Apolonia moments earlier. It made me realize I’ll never know if she’s been badmouthing me, no matter how nice she is in person.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Feb 29, 2020

Apolonia is such a cool name, just saying.

Posted On Feb 29, 2020

It really is.

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