May 27, 2022

another day in the office

Once again, it’s just me and the security desk guy on this floor. It’s a ratio of 1:1. I feel very secure. Sometimes one of the patrolling guards stops by the security desk to chat, and then it’s 2:1. You won’t find better security than this anywhere. I’m quite sleepy.

There’s a post-it note diagram of the Nael Deus Darnus fight on my desk. This is vintage stuff. A genuine artifact. It has clearly marked arrows for “north,” “southwest,” and “southeast.” I think these were new concepts for me at the time.

I went to Dunkin to get an afternoon coffee, not because of the caffeine, but because I wanted a walk to clear my head and a sweet drink. Did you know there are Divvy/Lyft rental scooters? Pretty neat idea. I think they forgot to put sweetener in this coffee. I slept at 1 am last night, which is not even that late, but I was up until 3:30 the night before, so I guess I have some sleep debt to work off.

Not as productive a day as I had hoped. Worst project documentation NA. They don't explain the OF business or cite any sources, and I had to resort to google to get an explanation. Anyway, it’s time to head home.

Written by Achaius

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