May 26, 2022

Another Good Day, Did Homework Early For Once

8:20 PM (of Friday, May 27th 2022)

Today is Thursday, May 26th 2022 and it was a good day today! I started off in the morning checking my weight and I was 183.7 pounds or so! Amazing! That’s basically extremely close to my weight after I finished the 14 day fast. Since then I basically gained around 5-7 pounds and hovered from 188 to 190 pounds, probably the heaviest I reached was 192 a few times, but now I’m almost 10 pounds below that.

I texted AJN today this morning about the water distiller that failed to arrive. I told her that Amazon said UPS would contact me about pick up or delivery and I didn’t hear anything back. This was a bit before 6 AM. I also couldn’t resist telling her about my weight because I weighed almost the least today basically! When I told her the actual number though she was like “so you made no progress at all since January and it’s almost June”! I mean she’s right for sure. I made no progress since our fast in January. It is almost June. But to me I made some progress!

Anyway I told her I would fast again that day and the next day but I failed.

5:05 AM (of Saturday, May 28th 2022)

I ate some bananas I think and I did 100 knuckle push ups again this morning, so I ate some protein powder and almond milk as well. That’s all I had the entire day though. A few servings of bananas and protein powder with almond milk. I also did 60 arm curls with 25 pound weights. Knuckle push ups were still quite hard for me to do today.

The rest of the day I did work. I did some more things for Vegpal, and I was in a meeting with NW that morning. I had a long and mostly informal meeting with NW and initially it was about stuff work related, then we started talking about random things not related to that. I got asked about my book, so we talked about that, and we talked about lots of other topics I write about and contemplate here like about music creation and I mentioned how maybe people lose mental capability when they get older since people tend to produce their best works in their 20s, like most musicians do their best songs in their 20s much like athletes are also at their best in those ages. Although Steve Jobs did his best works in his 40s and 50s. Also I probably did write about this topic but it was years ago or something!

For my interns at Vegpal I show myself on camera for our meetings and when we say goodbye, I physically wave bye to everyone. I did the same for NW today just automatically out of reflex except my webcam was turned off but they waved back shortly after me for some reason! Coincidence! I emailed them talking about that a minute later. We told each other to enjoy the 3 day weekend.

It is funny how time passes by so quickly and also at the same time so slowly! It passes by quickly because it’s basically June now and I didn’t even notice all that time passing by basically. It passes by slowly only as we are living through a boring moment, but it passes by quickly when it’s something fun and memorable. Oh man.

What else happened today? I know I did a bunch of other stuff but I don’t remember!

Oh yeah, Wahl finally replied back again tonight! I still haven’t read her message as of Saturday 5:30 AM though because idk. I think I coin flipped for tonight and tomorrow if I should read her message those days and it said no, so, there. I don’t know what she said exactly because I have to open up the message to fully view it, but I don’t want to give her the “Read” or “Seen” notification either. I can only see the first three lines and it cuts off in the preview notification box, and all she said has been positive! But I don’t know about the of the message, she only sent one long message.

I spent a lot of time tonight speaking with Don as well. Very cool guy!

What else happened today? I don’t remember! I think that was all!

It is unfortunate when I skip an entry for a day or two then I forget about a lot that happened those days, especially if it was a really boring and regular day! If it was like a date day though or something else memorable like that, then I don’t forget! But since today was a regular day with me not even going outside I think I don’t remember much!

Oh yeah! I did my homework early today for some reason. I 100% admit it was painful and against my will to do, but I was so bored at night I did my homework early. Yes it was easy. Yes it was so painful and boring to go through, but I did it.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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