May 14, 2020

Climbed the hard hill again

9:22 PM

Has today been a bad day for productivity? I think so. This morning was really slow. I woke up at around 6 AM, after having that heavy sleep last night falling asleep at 12 AM after finishing homework. That was such a good night's sleep. I woke up this morning ready to just limit my caloric intake like the Discord group told me to yesterday. I ate some beans, rice, vegetables, potatoes, and flax seed that morning. I think I ate like 1700 calories just that morning, I was going to just avoid eating during work hours again so I made sure to eat as much as I could in the morning.

I worked on some personal tasks that morning, but nothing much. I was so conscious of the calories I was going to be eating that I couldn't bring myself to be productive about anything else.

When work started, I just worked on one task the entire day. It took the entire day and I still didn't finish.

Around 5 PM I ate some food, after 6 PM I went out cycling. This time unlike yesterday, I decided to venture outside of the neighborhood because yesterday was such a boring experience. I was also fueled on food an hour before going out, so I was pumped and energized. I went to that crazy hill I mentioned in two days ago's entry, and it was not as steep as I remembered.

What was surprising is that I was so full of energy the entire time, I was cycling the entire time and nothing could stop me. My average speed during the trip was over 11 mph, which I guess isn't that fast, but I was on the sidewalk for at least 40% of the time, and there are certain sidewalk sections that just really slowed me down such as when having to slow down to call out to people ahead so that they can move over a bit and let you pass, and that happened a lot. What slowed me down the most though were the annoying parts of the sidewalks where tree roots pushed up the sidewalk creating these upward craters, I passed by sooo many of those and it's just what slowed me down the most.

But yeah I went to that hill again and it was crazy. I again did not even have to pedal to go down that hill, it was just so very steep. There were a bunch of other people walking up and down that hill though, but no one on a bike. I still really wonder if anyone can actually climb up this hill like I can. OH, on the way out, there was a cyclist coming in. I already cycled all the way up the hill though and was heading out, I should have turned around and followed him down to see if he could do it. I really wonder! I see people struggling climbing up on much easier hills that I breeze through easily, and I've bicycled passed people walking their bikes up much easier hills. So I really wonder if anyone else can even do this hill.

But yeah I tried to inspect the hill today just to assess exactly how steep it was. It's definitely steeper than most other hills I've encountered, and the distance is not bad either, it's probably a quarter mile distance, on a very steep hill. I have a bad time judging distance on a bike because you can traverse distances so quickly, so it could be even be half a mile for all I know. Anyway I went up the hill awesomely. Man I was so full of energy. Even as I type this right now, I haven't eaten anything yet since I came back home 2-3 hours ago, and I bicycled 11+ miles in under 1 hour, and still I am full of energy. Getting a bit sleepy though and I have homework due tonight.

Oh yeah I also bicycled through this park. There were a lot of other cyclists there and man I was the fastest one. Either everyone else is just slow or they're not trying or they don't have as much energy as me. But I'm literally in there just zooming by people. My speed of 11+ miles per hour doesn't sound impressive, but my max speed was like 26 mph today, and I didn't switch to heavy front gears. I was on the light front gears the entire time (used mainly for climbing), because I think my front gear switch has been improperly adjusted and there's a chance it just pushes the chains out. It's already happened before and I had to get off the bike and fix it. But yeah I passed by so many people as if they were just standing still.

I don't know if I should eat dinner, because it is already so late. It's 9:55 PM. I should just do my homework and then go to sleep? But I am also a little bit hungry. I think I'll have a small dinner, work on homework, and then go to sleep.

The best nights are nights when there's no homework due. Those nights I know I can just go to sleep anytime I want. On nights when there's homework due, after I finish everything, when I have to go to sleep, there's still homework I have to do. What I haven't tried is doing homework early or doing homework in the morning. I have never tried that. I should start.

Anyway that was my day today. I think I'll have dinner, do homework, then go to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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