May 15, 2020




07:37: Woke up earlier. At 09:30 there'll be the Credo-College time. And I agreed to read the bible with Papa late evening. Yay. I need to find something until then. Going from the beginning may be too hard or something for the beginning. He doesn't have a bible so I don't think he has read it, other than with Ama but they broke up and she moved out. I still don't know what she was thinking, how it really was and how my dad was like. But maybe it's better i don't know, probably not even important.

21:07: CREDO-College was great. Now we have KG and will play, as always.

We went shopping today and to the kidnergarden to put some forms into the post box. Christoph lives there, I've seen his car. I'd have visited him but thought it wasn't allowed because of Corona. Next time I'll pay him a surprise visit. Maybe I'll buy a gift for him, he does so much! Muffins 😋 maybe


Written by Plesi`

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