May 15, 2020

AP Physics (Habitica challenge)

I had my sister wake me up early today and I also slept earlier yesterday (but I woke up at least twice in the middle of the night). Didn’t do much except for set up and mentally prepare for the AP physics exam. I decided to hand write it because for physics and math related things (although this test surprisingly didn’t really have math, it was more conceptual), I find it easier to write it myself on paper. I used pen since it’s recommended and easier for graders to use, however, the pen I chose to use smeared a lot since the ink was still wet, so you could tell I switched to a ballpoint pen in the middle of the first part. I know for sure I got one part wrong, and it kinda sucks because it was actually a simple concept. But I’m more confident in the rest of it. There’s a couple I’m not sure if I answered correctly, but I hope so. I also just have to hope my explanations included everything they wanted so I can get more points and thus get a higher score. I definitely passed with at least a 3, but the question is is if I did good enough to get a 5. Guess I’ll have to wait for results to come out in the summer.

Almost all my friends seemed to do okay also. I almost had some technical difficulties while taking it, but thankfully everything worked out in the end. Right before the exam began (like literally seconds before), the WiFi went out. I immediately turned off WiFi for my phone altogether (I was using my phone because it was easier to submit photos of my work) and switched to cellular data because I didn’t want to risk it with WiFi. In addition, for the second part of the test, it wasn’t letting me submit my answer. I was pressing the submit button, but nothing was happening. I tried removing my uploaded photo and uploading it again, and a new photo, and going back to question and then back to submitting page. Nothing worked. I finally decided to refresh the page, which they advise not to do because it could cause problems. Thank god it fixed the problem, but my friend informed me to not do that again if it happens again because it could make things worse and to instead just reopen the website through the link they emailed us. I feel bad for one of my friends though because he also got stuck on submitting, but he wasn’t as lucky and wasn’t able to fix the problem. He had to watch the timer run out and couldn’t do anything, so now he has to take the retake tests in June. It sucks because I know he’s incredibly smart and that he for sure would have gotten a 5. It’s also sad to see how many people have faced the same problem. It was bound to have happened to some people, but it really sucks for all the students who did everything correctly for it to be a server problem on college board’s end. Honestly, college board could have done better but oh well.

As for US history tomorrow, I’m just hoping I pass with at least a 3. I’m really unprepared, but I’m still going to try my best. I hope I get a prompt that I can actually answer. Once I finish that test, I still have to finish all the homework I have due this week. I didn’t do any of it yet since I spent the rest of the week preparing for AP since they were top priority. Once the US history test is over, I’m going to feel so much more relieved. I still have English and art after that, but I’m more prepared for English and art. I’ll still be nervous and stressed, just way less so. Definitely going to celebrate once all AP is done with (assuming I’m able to submit everything with no problems). I plan to do some last minute preparations and practice tomorrow morning before the test, which is at 1 pm for me.

Also, one thing that made me happy today: finishing the physics test. Glad I finished and was able to submit in the end and that I did relatively well on it :-) hopefully I can say the same for APUSH tomorrow!

Written by ducknut

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