May 15, 2020

Wasted Some Valuable Time

7:10 AM (of Saturday, May 16th 2020)

Today is Friday, March 15th 2020 and overall I would rate today pretty lowly. Some lessons were learned though which I'll also write about. This morning I had a really bad start, actually it wasn't that bad, just one bad thing really. I shouldn't take these numbers that seriously since there are other things much more important in life, but man I weighed myself and I was back to roughly what my weight was 5 days ago, back up 2.5 pounds. That was really disappointing, but I think I lost weight way too rapidly those days anyway, I'd lose almost a pound a day which isn't realistic (since I ate the same but just added in exercise), it might have just been water weight. But now that I gained weight back, I'll adjust my caloric intake and eat much less calories.

At least, that is what I planned on Friday. I ate just six potatoes that morning and that filled me up and it was only 700 calories, potatoes are so satiating. That filled me up so much and I was satisfied. During lunchtime, I was hungry again so I was ready for some more potatoes. There was a bag of chips I saw in the panty and I was like, yeah, normally at this point in the day I'd be at 1800 calories, I was only at 700 right now so I reasoned it wouldn't hurt to add in some chips! Oh no that was a huge mistake. A handful of chips was 200 calories alone (that's 2 entire potatoes!) and I couldn't stop binging on that bag of chips throughout the day, I ended up eating that entire bag which was like 1800 calories by itself. Every now and then I'd stand up to go to the pantry, grab a handful of chips, go back to my seat, and by night time it was empty.

I guess that was a lesson learned. I need to buy some garlic spices to flavor my potatoes so that they taste like chips. I just ate the potatoes plain the entire day, no salt or anything, and those salted chips were so full of flavor comparison. Yeah we learn things here. I can't get too caught up on each and every mistake since we all make them and I'm not perfect by any means.

Throughout the working day I worked on the same task I did the day before, and I did not finish that task today yet either. While that was in progress some other work was piled on. Overall I think I should be done with that task by end of day Monday, and then I can work on the newly arrived tasks.

After work I went out and bicycled. It was only after 7 PM that I bicycled because I ate food at around 6 PM, and I wanted an hour rest before I did anything physical outdoors. I just went back to the hard hill I wrote about a few times earlier and it was such a breeze this time. Maybe I improved my bicycle climbing since then? But yeah, it was such easiness. I did not feel as accomplished as I did the first time I went through here, because that first time it was like an "impossible" thing almost. Now I realize it is totally possible to ascend this hill, and actually I did encounter two people walking their bikes up the hill today, they were both young teens and I guess they couldn't do this hill. It was really easy for me today though, it's long and quite the exercise, but totally doable.

Anyway I bicycled back home and since the sun was going down, the sidewalks were almost barren. There were still like 10-15 people I passed by just on the way back home, but that's a lot less in comparison to the other days when I'd bicycle out at 6 PM! There were entire blocks (this is slang for the sidewalk distance in between roads, there is no defined length for a block) that I bicycled through and didn't encounter anybody! That was cool, because I didn't have to brake to pass by people slowly, or brake altogether when there's 2-3 people taking up the sidewalk and I had to ask to pass.

My bicycle just worked really well that day, the front gear calipers weren't grinding on the front wheel like usual, and it was such a smooth ride. By them grinding, I think it's because I do so many practice turns in the neighborhood combined with the brakes not being held tightly in place enough (I need to tighten it but keep forgetting), that the calipers lean towards the brake on one side, and I have to re-adjust it every now and then. I'd usually adjust it at the bottom of that hard hill, just center the calipers back to normal before climbing up. Today though at the bottom of the hill, when I lifted the bike up and spun the front wheel, it spun freely without being stopped. The brakes were still centered!

It was still centered even when I got home. I lifted the bike up and spun it, and it did not get braked upon. Cool!

Anyway when I got home I didn't eat anything, I just drank water, but I did drink two glasses of lemonade just to refill my glycogen stores. Anyway I wasted my time that night. I was on eBay shopping, ended up not buying anything because I wasn't certain about my purchases. I was so glad there was no homework due tonight though, because whew, I could just go to sleep without worrying about anything. I still need to work on my homework earlier, way before last minute, so that after the day is done I can just go to sleep, without feeling like I was trapped to working on homework before I could go to sleep.

There were a few lessons I learned that day. When it comes to calories, I shouldn't' feel like "oh I can get away with adding this" if I were way below my calorie amount, I should just keep on doing what I was doing. When it comes to shopping online, there are so many other better things I could be doing. I read a page of a book and it was a good book, but then I was like, oh but what about this stuff I want to buy... and then I went down that rabbit hole wasting hours of valuable time. My time is so much more valuable than that, I need to spend it more wisely, could have done so many other things then.

Anyway that's what I learned and that was my day today. Saturday will be a day I have full reign over, so it will be a good one.

Written by JustMegawatt

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