May 16, 2020

Bicycled on Hard Hill and Someone on ebike may have crashed

8:09 AM

So I woke up this morning, took pictures of my morning weight, and then I was going to do the selfies and body pics but my phone died. So I let it charge up while I wrote up yesterday's entry. I also noticed something peculiar, that the view count for my "Angering People on Discord" was really high, it was 15 views. That's a lot more than my normal journal entries which only get like 5-6 views. I think the people in the Discord group may have seen that post, maybe? I haven't logged into Discord in a while, because I think Discord is such a waste of time most of the time, so I wouldn't know. Did they post it in that group and then did they ban me after?? Did they tag me a bunch of times and ask me questions?? I don't know. If they did ban me, I hope they know I meant nothing offensive to them.

Anyway I measured my weight this morning and I was still the same weight today as yesterday. Whew, I'm just glad it didn't go up. I think my phone should be charged now and ready for the body pics and selfies. So I'll go and do those now.

8:22 AM

I'm done taking the photos but it takes a while to compile these and put them up online. I'll work on that now.

10:50 PM

I'm so sleepy now. I want to write about what I did today, but I'm so sleepy. I'll go to sleep and continue this tomorrow.

6:17 AM (of Sunday, May 17th 2020)

I just woke up, I took some photos, put them up online, caught up on my logs. Now I'll update Saturday's entry and write as if today were Saturday.

So this morning after I caught up on my photos, I worked on a new video. I just had so much free time and I didn't know what else to do, plus I was itching to make a new video. I did some research on it before recording it and uploading it up online. I could have gone out and started bicycling around at anytime, however the sun was blaring down hard and it was so hot outside, I did not want to get sunburned and get all sticky from sweat, so I just stayed indoors and worked on some projects. Actually I wasted a lot of time watching videos too, I could have for sure done more with my time.

Later around 6 PM, I went out bicycling and went to the hard hill again. It was the easiest time I've ever gone up the hill. I just motored right on up. The first time I climbed it, it felt like such an accomplishment after reaching the top. This time I didn't even feel it much. There was a point while I was heading towards the hill that I switched gears, and then my chain became disconnected again. It's such an embarrassing thing that happens, I had to get on the side of the road and try to put the chain back. I got it back and continued on my way towards the hard hill.

After coming back from the hard hill, I went to the nearby park again. It was packed with so many people. What were so many people doing out and about? In the park there's a few roads, and in the distance I saw one guy going super fast and I heard some motor noises coming from his direction. You could say he was sort of on a parallel/perpendicular road next to mine (I know the roads are not mathematically parallel since they converge but it's a good visual way to describe it), I could see him from where I was, and we were converging on the same road up ahead. Was this guy on a motor bike? He was going so fast and I was racing to catch up to him.

I felt challenged and switched to a higher gear in my attempt to catch up. I saw him enter the road up ahead first, and he was just on a regular bike? Where did those motor noises come from, behind me? Nothing behind me. I think he may have been on an ebike looking back at it now, there were some loud motoring noises coming from somewhere, and he was going very fast. I didn't see him pedaling either, but he was on a very thin road bike looking thing. He was probably on an ebike. Anyway when he entered that main road that I would soon enter, I entered shortly after him and I switched gears and pedaled hard in order to try and catch up. I was close, maybe, I mean I was catching up enough that he was within range of me most of the time (especially when I'd burst of energy and spring forward) but the gap was generally widening. Eventually I couldn't keep up at all, even at my strongest, and I lost sight of him at a turn.

A few seconds later he went off road, he either went up or crashed onto this grass mound. When I caught up he was off his bike and he was walking it, there was a small barely visible bike trail on the grass and it lead up to the top mound which he was now ahead of. I went by that pretty quickly so I may have imagined that bike trail. I could only see him in front of the mound at the angle which that front side was visible, as I got closer and the angle changed, he was behind the mound and I could not see him. I just had no idea how he ended up there. I had no idea why he went off road etiher, unless he was on an ebike out of control. I mean he was going through a flat road too, so it wasn't a downhill situation where he lost control and had to turn off the road, it was a flat that we were traversing, and then he was just off road the next moment.

I don't know what happened there, but then I bicycled back home. When I got back home I noticed that my shorts were a little down and my underwear was showing. I wore different shorts today and I guess it was drooping as I was cycling. I did feel them a bit low, but I had no idea they were down so low. It was so embarrassing to think about cycling passed all those people and them seeing me like that, I felt so embarrassed even though I didn't know any of the people I passed by. At least I learned that for next time, i'm going to be tightening my shorts.

When I got back home, I ate some potatoes, worked on some projects, and then went to sleep. I fell asleep at around 11 PM, and then I woke up the next day at around 5 AM, feeling a bit chilly, actually, freezing. I went to sleep sweating and then I woke up cold and chilly. Right now as I write this the temperature hasn't changed, but I'm feeling so much warmer now.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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