May 16, 2020




16:50: I finished the fox game today. Quite an interesting ending it had. Then we went shopping because my mom needed a watering can.

The bible I ordered came today. The pictures are lovely and it looks so beautiful with the flowers and the goldened pages.

I recently received an email from my english teacher. I had sent her the document with the tasks instead of my solutions. Ups.

She liked the song "The blessing" I had shared with her.

I took photos, but due to the good quality, the shine isn't as I want it to be. On my old phone I had this shiny shine star thing. I once took a photo of my flute with flash and it reminds me of christmas.

And since when are there level here? How did I get to lvl. 15?

If I'd know more bout colouring this could be a masterpiece. But my mother can do that, not me. I could learn but... idk... I'll just adapt how I draw on IbisPaint a bit.

19:27: Okay, my teacher forgot to attach the edited version of my text to her email... The chance that this happens to me is very high every time I write an email to my teachers with tasks...

20:11: So I drew a fox painting the book. Now I want to make a BVP cover out of the book even though it's paused atm.

20:28: will go to bed now.


Written by Plesi`

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