May 17, 2020

Day 24: Clear my thoughts

It's been a while since I uploaded the last journal.

Things run smoothly. Although I still procrastinate things to do today until evening, I know it's my nature and while I still feel guilty, I haven't thought it was hopeless anymore. At least I can sing at least 30 minutes everyday.

It seems that intervals, triads, rhythmic and melodic dictation in aural tests are a piece of cake to me. Well, except for instruments. I can answer them correctly but I still feel nervous.

Finished each two assessments of piano improvisation and vocal singing. That was tough, but the sense of accomplishment goes on.

(It was very nice for my mom's colleagues to borrow their music room and ipad for me to record the assessments)

It will be way more tough when dealing with "Jingle Bells Swing" though. Lack of confidence is the main obstacle there.

Make a little changes to the piano solo piece. I'm quick at composing it so I can do it later and focus on revision for exams and the assessments.

Making huge progress in my fanfiction. I typed about 900 words within two days. I might be able to finish the chapter tomorrow.

From mom: I don't need a specific goal to write journal. The point is to make it a daily habit, and that I would write more than I expect even when there's little to write about.

I wonder where the Journal challenge goes?

Edit: Found it, will join in next week.

Written by MandySakura

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