June 11, 2022

Went Hiking and Stuff Again with RW

9:02 PM (of Sunday, June 12th 2022)

Today is Saturday, June 11th 2022 and it was a crazy fun day today. I had a really good time with RW again visiting some waterfalls and hiking and going out and having fun at these places.

In the morning I did a lot. I did 100 knuckle push ups, cleaned up the dishes, paid off my bills, took a shower, put on sunscreen, remade the Habitica challenges, and I think that's it. I cleaned up my home a little. Yeah I started off the day amazingly well. Today was a very good day. I probably woke up at 4 AM and finished all this by 9 AM. I was bored at 9 AM and didn't even plan to go out, because I thought these activities would take up my whole day, but they didn't. So I texted RW (RadicallyWild, that's his Instagram name) and suggested we go hiking today.

Today we planned on hiking to the top of this one mountain, called something something, I don't even remember. I actually do not remember the names of most of the waterfalls and places that I visit here. I just know what they look like from memory, some recollection of how to get there, but if you asked me what they're called, I wouldn't know. Oh gosh. I'm supposed to take Wahl to some of these places and I'm just recalling how dangerous some of these places are. I don't think she would have a hard time going inside a cave for example, cueva de las indiginas or something like that, but I would, I don't think I'll take her to that one since it's dark and from the last time I tried doing it, it was super difficult for me. Still that would be quite a fun one to visit.

Anyway so I drive to the meeting spot and pick up RW and he shows up late, I wait more than 10 minutes before he arrives. He says that last night he stepped on a glass bottle or something like that and it left a glass shard in his foot. He walks barefoot only, hasn't worn any shoes in years. Anyway I told him he needed to get that shard out, because he said he had a painful time walking. Anyway he doesn't get it out now, and we just start driving to the something something mountain peak place.

So it's a two hour drive during that time we are talking about a lot of things the whole time and laughing and having a good time. We get pretty close to the place, but are unable to continue because one of the hills was too steep for my car. It was literally so steep that my 2021 SUV, not a 4x4 though, was unable to climb it even with me pushing down hard on the pedal. Like literally I would be pushing down hard on the pedal and the car would just be stuck there going vroom vroom, unable to go uphill. Of course this was insanely steep, I can't even write about how steep it is, but it's almost a 90 degree up basically. There are so many roads like that here, but this one was steeper than all of them, my car could not even climb it.

When I put the car in reverse, of course my car just fell back like easily and instantly. Oh gosh these roads are so hard to drive through considering it's a two lane road as wide as a one lane road. There are so many roads like that here. I can only imagine the horror if you were going uphill this road, and then from the other direction, someone was coming down. Holy moly. That would be a complete nightmare. Impossible. Braking on this hill too would basically be suicide for the brakes, it is too steep. It is so steep.

Anyway whatever, we decide to go to this other waterfall nearby called "Cristo Te Amo", this "waterfall" I do remember the name of, because it was graffiti'd on the road as you drive by. This was by far the worst "waterfall" we have visited. Someone grafiiti'd the name "Cristo te Amo" and a big arrow pointing to this river near the side of the road, and also graffiti'd a bunch of arrows on rocks to climb down. Are you serious? This is the smallest "waterfall" I have ever been to, it almost looks like the sewers, it's this really tiny thing, and people threw a' bunch of trash all around it. RW got really mad and started recording a video basically saying how crappy this place was, and it was. Someone threw a loaded diaper on the ground too, and there was lots of beer bottles and soda bottles everywhere. Worst "waterfall" ever. Oh, and someone also graffiti'd "Cristo te Amo"on some rocks too, in a few places, like, that's how I remember the name so easily.

After this we go hiking in the place we went to last time. This time this hike was a lot easier for me. While we sat at the top of the "Twin waterfalls", we were joined by three people. I don't know where they came from. RW and them talked for a while, and one of them went back to go to a 4th guy. Apparently there was 4 of them, but one of them had such a hard time getting through the rocks and hiking that they just gave up. Anyway after a while these two guys leave us, they come over to me to shake my hand and say nice to meet you, even though I didn't even talk to them at all.

RW and I swim around this place for a while, and he records some videos. I just chill and stuff I guess.

Anyway we leave and go back home.

I drop him off at the meeting place again, but before that I went to a Walgreens and bought him a precision knife, so he can get the shard out of his foot. He said he wanted a needle or tweezers to get it out, but I couldn't find that anywhere.

During the drive home we talk a lot again. Oh my gosh I love talking to this guy. He makes the best jokes and we connect so well. We agree on a lot of things.

Oh yeah, on the way to that hiking place again, we passed by this "mango road", is what we called it. There's just a bunch of mango trees on this road for a while, and driving down the road right now it was surrounded by a bunch of yellow mangoes in abundance, like everywhere. He mentioned this idea of "seed bombing" which is just throwing fruit seeds out the window while driving a car, and then maybe in 30 years there will be a fruit there. I think everyone should do this, because there's literally so much mangoes that these trees produced that it's enough to feed like a village or whatever, maybe. They can be frozen too so they last almost forever. It's better than nothing.

It would be amazing if we had an "avocado road", an "apple road", an "orange road", a "tomato road", and so on, where fruits just grew on the side of the road. Instead of storing freezers with the lifeless and butchered corpses of dead animals, which we humans have no need to eat and we only do so due for selfish reasons, we can instead store fruits in them in much more abundance.

Anyway we talked about so much on the drive home. I'm kinda really sleepy as I write this though, or else I would easily write a lot more.

I got home at around 10 PM and was super sleepy.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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