May 17, 2020

Lazy Saturday (Habitica Challenge)

I went back to sleeping at 5 am and waking up at noon today. I honestly wasn’t productive at all today, but that’s okay. Hopefully I’ll put more effort into getting things done tomorrow and next week.

I played Overcooked for a little bit with my siblings and we only have 1 level left before we finish the game :) I ate a lot of the bread from yesterday and was so full. We also got Popeye’s today and my sister and I made another batch of bread (this time with a different recipe). So overall, way too many carbs today and I was stuffed lol I will definitely have to work out tomorrow after slacking off on that for the last several days.

The only productive thing I did was do some sketches in my sketchbook. I’ve been relatively successful in doing a page of sketches everyday so I can get in more practice of drawing figures and people. For today, I just drew any person who showed up in my Instagram feed to have some more variety in who I drew. It feels good to just draw and fill up the page without the pressure to please other people’s expectations ^_^

To conclude, one thing that made me happy: the bread we made today was actually not that bad! Definitely an improvement from yesterday’s ;-)

Written by ducknut

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