June 20, 2022

More Hiking Again on Juneteenth holiday

6:31 AM (of Wednesday, June 22nd 2022)

Today is Monday, June 20th 2022 and it’s a day off today because yesterday was June 19th or “Juneteenth” which is now officially a holiday and today is the first time it’s being celebrated.

I was under 180 pounds for the first time ever this year today. A new record! I think I was 179.9 pounds, which is nice!

Anyway I was rather restless today and after doing some chores and stuff at home, I asked RadicallyWild if he wanted to go hiking. At first he was hesitant and didn’t want to, but I convinced him somehow.

So I drive over there while listening to this dating audiobook called “he’s just not that into you” and it’s amazing. This is a women’s dating book by women for women and shows how dating works from their perspective. I did not really realize how much power women gave men in dating until I read this. Women truly want men to lead and to be attracted to them and to desire and chase them.

This stuff should be really obvious because it’s kinda what society shows and nudges on us, but I was a little oblivious to it. I wasn’t certain of it. Because I’ve heard from men that actually women had the power in relationships, but that take is wrong and I was led astray believing that. In reality men have the power, and men lead, and should lead and go after what they want, if it’s a woman, then he should go after and court her. It’s that simple.

I only listened to audiobook for an hour but it truly taught me a lot in how I should act and behave as a man, to take the lead, to ask them out, initiate conversations, be confident, and so on. Women give men so much power, it’s crazy. Women really just want to be passive and pretty and be wanted, desired, adored, unconditionally just by being themselves. It makes sense.

I brought up some of this stuff with RadicallyWild and he says he already knew all that basically. He told me some stories of his old days partying and going to bars and clubs. I mean yeah all this stuff should be obvious but it was uncertain to me, I didn’t fully know this until I listened to women talking about it in this audiobook, and wow it’s so obvious now.

Anyway I pick up RW and we start heading to the place. We get lost and the gps keeps telling us to make a turn onto this hell road that goes to nowhere. There’s so many dirt roads here and I guess the GPS determines all of them to be valid even when they aren’t. I have followed a gps to lead me nowhere quite a few times, like a literal dead end. It’s hard to imagine this in the states because it’s perfect there. Here it’s kinda comical that it tells you to turn into this freaking dirt road that goes nowhere and then you end up at a literal dead end.

So we do like 4 u turns or something, or more, going back up and down this one road because as soon as we pass this one spot, it says make a u turn. It’s telling us to go down this dirt road but it’s literally not a road that anyone should be taking and it was even closed off with a chain stopping you from entering. But yeah. Anyway we stop at this tower and that’s where I got this photo taken. My eyebrows are white because of sunscreen.

Anyway I navigated the old fashioned way after that and just looked at the map, saw the roads, and drove without listening to the GPS. It took us another like 40 minutes but we eventually get there. I drove for like 4 hours just trying to get there. It was only supposed to take two hours.

Eventually we get there and we hike for a while, swim in some rivers, take some photos. There was this other group of people that we saw. All of them were super fat. I used to be like that. It’s so weird how I didn’t view that weight to be fat while I was at that weight. Well I thought I was fat but other people were “normal”. When you are lighter, then you really easily start noticing people who are heavier.

Anyway we have fun there and we hike out. This is the longest hike I’ve been on here so far. It takes more than 1 hour to hike to the end here and it’s so much fun. This was so much fun. There was this one part that was a straight up vertical climb. I loved that. Climbing that part was so fun. I think it would’ve been extremely hard for me to climb down but luckily there was an alternative path down. It was quite a bit longer but nice.

Anyway we drive back home and I drop him off and I go home, continuing to listen to the audiobook. It was fun. He also told me about the marbete and how I need that replaced and updated on my car. Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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