June 22, 2022

Why is life the way it is?

So here's the thing- I've seen so many blogs about how life is different for everyone and not everyone has had the same experiences, how we're all different, yet the same in every way. It confuses me. I'm a generally very curious person, and life has brought up so many questions it's not even funny anymore. At first, the questions in life are things like, "Why is the sky blue", and "Why is our cat so cute?", but the thing is, parents rarely even know the answer half the time. Why is that? Well, thats another question there isn't really an answer to. Life brings up new possibilities as a new being is born.(4.5 births are estimated to happen every second, according to https://www.theworldcounts.com/stories/how-many-babies-are-born-each-day) But scientists are still discovering new possibilities every day. That has always been so incredible to me, that such a destructive being can transform into people wanting to help the Earth and the energy of nature every day. Unless your parental unit or guardian is a scientist, they probably won't know answers to the questions that come up in daily life. Even if they are, they still won't know the answer to everything you ask. The world is still discovering, and I think that's why science has always intrigued me. The idea that someone out there, possibly even me when I'm older, can discover the secrets of the universe is so crazy to me. I'm always trying to learn new facts, but usually, instead of being called curious, I'm called annoying or I'm shrugged off as a pest. This is why I ask the question, why is life the way it is? because the answers always change and I figured why not write it down.

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Posted On Jun 23, 2022

For practical life sometimes it's best to just go with the flow. Like I don't exactly know why things fall to the ground when I drop something (of course it's gravity, but how exactly does it work and why?). If you are asking why the sky is blue, you should also ask why anything is any color, why is dirt brown, why are some stones white and others gold, how are some stones like diamonds clear and how and why is glass see-through? How are mirrors made? Then you might dig deeper and ask why we see color at all. It's fascinating what you can learn, but it's also possible to forget things you learned.

I am old enough to be a parent at this point and I have completed high school, two years of college, and have many years of professional experience, but I may forget things I learned in elementary school such as how to do long division, names of dinosaurs. I even forgot stuff I learned in high school like calculus and doing limits and integration and differentiation, I forgot all the physics formulas too. We forget things we don't use for a while.

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