June 22, 2022

Another wasted day but romantic again, texted Wahl for first time

7:41 AM (of Thursday, June 23rd 2022)

Today is Wednesday, June 22nd 2022 and today was fun. Alright I didn’t do much in terms of work. I am not sure why not, I just became lazy again like yesterday. I got into a meeting with the Vegpal interns in the morning and talked about what we were going to do in the day again, and then I proceeded not to do any of that. I also did not do any work for stealth launch either. I just lazed around most of the day browsing the internet and I’m not sure how, but all that time just went by without me doing a thing. Just like yesterday.

I am having so much fun with Wahl though. All this courtship stuff is a blast. My heart is filled with flutter and I am having the time of my life. I texted her for the first time ever this morning after opening up her messages on Instagram that she sent last night. I already knew most of what she said without even opening up the messages, and saw the part where she mentioned she wanted us to move from Instagram to texting and calling each other.

So that’s what I did this morning, messaged her for the first time ever through text. She gave me her phone number a while back but I just never messaged it or called it or anything. I have always wanted to but didn’t know the best time to bring it up. It’s awesome she brought it up herself, telling me we could move to texting and calling. It shows that she at least has some interest back at me.

She replied back after a while and asks some questions and I reply back some responses and answers. Cool! We scheduled our first phone call to be on Friday morning, but to be honest I didn’t like that it would take place in the morning, I would have preferred we have it at night so it could be the best part of the day and something we both looked forward to while living through that day. I thought about this the whole time. Also she’s the one that suggested Friday morning and I just went along with it, even though I actually didn’t fully approve. So this stuck with me the whole day.

And like I said, the whole day went by without me doing any work. I don’t know if it’s pathetic or sad or what, but I just didn’t feel like doing any work. And you know what? There was no punishment for it. No one yelled at me or told me to do this or that. I did the same thing today as yesterday and all was fine. I just browsed the Internet and watched some Hikaru No Go again, lying down on the floor. I bought some Mama Pacha’s today too. I texted AJN and Don a few times today. Also John, who I talked to about picking up coconuts. I wanted to buy 30 coconuts for $1 each.

Anyway later that night at around 7 PM Wahl forwarded me a reel on Instagram about the actor Joaquin Phoenix saying he’s been vegan since 3 years old and that she didn’t know he’s been vegan for that long. I was walking outside listening to some dating books so I didn’t respond right away. When I got home though around 50 minutes later I told her yeah I knew that and gave her the names of some other long term vegan actors like Jared Leto (vegan for 24 years) and Woody Harrelson (vegan for 30+ years) and so on.

I also replied back to our text conversation again. She hadn’t replied yet to anything I said and I said a bunch of stuff since this morning 😂. I told her what I already wrote down here about wanting our first call to be at night time so that it’s the best part of the day and something we looked forward to throughout the day. Courting her is so much fun. She’s really fun.

An hour later I also told her again that I was interested in her and listed our common favorite activities and common traits and values, and that I was looking for a long term relationship. Just wanted to be honest and straightforward with her. I sent this stuff to Don first and he said it was good, so I sent it to her feeling a little nervous and embarrassed. This is so much fun. I am having so much fun 🥰🥰. There is a lot of risk and tension and stuff like that, but I’m pretty sure she likes me too and this is amazing!!

I already wrote this before but I think she is the most attractive woman I have spoken to in my entire life. It’s very unfair because my heart flutters and I feel a lot of emotion when I think of her or look at her pictures. She is so extremely attractive I am happy and surprised she likes me as well. She has around 300-500 likes on every post she makes on Instagram, and she is beautiful, I can only imagine how many guy suitors are after her and messaging her constantly. The only thing different about us is our race and culture, and I hope she is fine with me being completely different from her in that regard.

But yeah I do like and adore her a lot. She’s easily one of my favorite people I’ve spoken to and she flirts back with me which is so nice. I hope she thinks I’m a nice catch as well and would be proud to show me off! I am a but overweight still but okay looking, I can look great once I get to my optimal weight though, I respect her a lot more because she likes me even in the current state I am in. Career-wise I am doing excellent and yeah. I am so glad she likes me back.

She does take a while to reply though which adds tension and stress and stuff like that, which is fun!! I enjoy the pressure of not being certain. Out of all her guy suitors chasing after her, I hope I’m at the top! She probably reviews my messages and pictures that I sent her with her girlfriends and that’s why she takes a while to reply. It probably took her a lot of courage to ask me if we could move to texting and calling too, and she probably reviewed that message with her friends before sending it to me.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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