June 23, 2022

Bought 30 coconuts for $1 each

11:56 AM (of Wednesday, June 29th 2022)

Today is Thursday, June 23rd 2022 and I don’t remember much about today since I’m writing about today from the next week. I guess I could take a look at some photos on my phone to infer what happened today.

Got it! Some things did happen today. For the work day, I am pretty sure just like on Tuesday and yesterday (Wednesday), I didn’t do anything today work-wise.

John did make me buy some water for AJN though since he went out on vacation to some place and asked me if I could take care of her for a bit. He texted me some instructions and I was like sure. AJN has a very serious and painful problem and John’s been taking care of her. Anyway I bought some water, and also bought her 20 coconuts as she requested, and I bought myself 30 coconuts.

I drove by to Hugh’s house to pick up the coconuts. First time I have been over there, had to get in through the gated community security. She asked for my name and then when I said it, she said that was too complicate and laughed about it and just let me in.

Hmm I had a little home envy here. He had this big home with many cars in the driveway and it was gated to get in. He let me get inside and I parked in his driveway as well and just admired his house. Wow. He lived with his family here, probably at least 5 people live in this home. One of the bigger and better looking homes I’ve been to here. Well the reason why I bought a condominium instead of a house was I didn’t really want or need to maintain such a huge property. Still maybe he changed my mind a little and that it would be cool to live in such a place. Maybe. I could buy a house, but I’m not in any rush nor do I really want to buy one at the moment, like who cares.

Anyway after picking up the coconuts I drive to where John and AJN were staying and I drop off her 20 coconuts there. AJN and I talk for a while, maybe for like an hour or two about random stuff. It was cool just chilling and sitting in the living room. Felt pretty relaxing.

I talk about Wahl to both AJN and Don but neither of them know her first name or what she looks like or any specific details. They both want me to do well with her though so they help out sometimes. I told AJN that I asked Wahl if I could call her at night instead and she was like “you’re being really difficult. She already said to call her in the morning” and I was like, oh no. Anyway I would text Wahl the following morning saying I could still call her then and apologized for being difficult. She didn’t mind though.

What else! I went home afterwards and went to sleep I guess. That’s pretty much my whole day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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