May 17, 2020

covid and other dragons

Last Monday night, newbie was looking for friends to do Orbonne Monastery with him. HGR and I both got on. newbie asked, "Kan, you up for orb?"

"Gimme a lil bit," said Kan. "Selling an E8S run."

(Kan sells E8S runs?? People buy E8S runs???)

"ETA?" asked newbie, but Kan had already disappeared. You can tell this guy's gonna make a great head admin.

An hour later, Kan returned, saying, "I got paid 4 mil, good day of work. Now I can unwind doing a funzone raid."


Minor lifestyle change due to quarantine: On raid days, when I'm idling in Limsa waiting for team to assemble, instead of just standing by the mender I'll go outside and bask in the sunlight. I never really cared before, but now it feels good to be in full sun.

Now that newbie's done Orbonne and gotten his relic weapon, we were planning to do Memoria Misera EX, featuring a fanfiction version of a false memory of the Emperor. But it turns out Silver hasn't done the relic stuff either. So instead, we're back to random Stormblood content: Shinryu EX. Big dragon. Many elements. Has wings, heart, and tail so he's basically a full League team by himself.

Midway through our raid session, numbers suddenly had to leave. His mom, who he lives with, has been diagnosed with covid, and numbers has to go get tested himself.

Geez. Stay safe, dude, good luck.

numbers has always been the highest risk of us (aside from maybe Kan/Luis, who never talk about their personal lives). He has a crappy "essential" job, so he has to go to work every day while most of us work/study from home. In April he took a couple weeks of leave, coinciding with the FF7R release, but that ended and covid's still here. Best case scenario is he already had it and was asymptomatic so he's not in any further danger now. But who knows.

numbers is probably gonna be fine, he's a young healthy dude, he can benchpress me. Still, it's scary out there. Stay home if you can, everyone.

Written by Achaius

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