May 17, 2020

Finished Filing Taxes and Raced Pass Someone on a Bike

1:23 AM (of Monday, May 18th 2020)

So today is Sunday, May 17th 2020 and it was a weekend. I had all the free time in the world to do whatever I wanted, funny enough I didn't do as much as I wanted, but still I got something major done that I've been putting off for ages: taxes.

I could've done my taxes last week or the previous week or the previous week, or anytime since the start of the year, except I just dreaded filing my taxes. I had some tax nightmares from 2018 and I had to hire a CPA to help me sort things out, and looking back I was possibly way too dramatic.

Anyway the taxes for 2019 was a lot smoother. It was so smooth. I did my parent's taxes first and then I did mine later at night. It took my parent's like an hour and a half to complete, and mine took like also roughly the same amount. It was so smooth. I had a huge fear for 2018 that I would get audited, but I didn't. I hope I don't get audited this year either. I wouldn't know what there would be to audit, and what I would even do in such a situation.

So I completed my taxes this year rather easily. Now I'm just looking back and thinking I shouldn't have pushed it off so much because it was so easy to complete this year. I did both my own taxes and my parent's taxes on the same day, that's remarkable. I think next year's may be a bit harder, unless I can prepare and make it easier for me this year.

Anyway this morning, since the morning was cloudy, I went out and bicycled at around 10 AM. It wasn't sunny and hot like Saturday, on Saturday I feared getting sunburn because of how sunny it was, so I waited until 6 PM that day to go out and bicycle. Today however, it was cloudy, not much sun, perfect weather to go bicycling in. That's what I did, I went out to the hard hill again.

This time as I entered the area with the hard hill, there was a cyclist heading out of the area. I'm guessing he just returned from ascending the hard hill, I only saw him at the very top as I was entering and he was leaving, so I didn't see him ascend it. He wasn't panting or anything, and his mouth was closed, so I don't think he did the hard hill? I think he just entered the area, saw how steep and long it was, then just turned around to exit. That's the only explanation I can think of for someone in his condition (wearing a jacket, older gray-haired man, not wearing a cycling jersey, casual pants), and not panting at all. I've seen two people walk their bikes up this hill the other day, because they weren't able to pedal through it. I don't think most people can.

I've seen people struggle on some seriously easy hills that I just conquer so easily. So I would not be surprised if most people could not do this hard hill. I've not seen anyone come in and do it yet. When I went down this hill, I just realized how dangerous it was. It was so steep and I didn't even have to pedal to go down at 25+ mph, honestly I was thinking thoughts like, what if my bike had a part explode right here, I'd get seriously injured or die. It's not really possible to brake quickly at such a steep hill, even if I held the brake down to the max, it would take a long time before I come to a stop if I even come to a stop.

Anyway it's a crazy hill that ends in a dead-end, and it's almost suicide to go down because of that abrupt end. I mean imagine someone going down this very steep hill that didn't know the bottom just randomly ended, smack dab no more road. That's like an accident waiting to happen, they would not be able to brake in time. Climbing up was easy though, I just motored right on up like always.

Since there were houses on the side, as I was ascending, some cars were heading out. These cars also had a hard time climbing. How could I tell they had a hard time climbing up? They took forever to climb and their engines were making very loud noises that sounded like they were struggling. I mean I heard them making their way up, and from experience of cars passing by me, it would be literally 1-2 seconds later that the car would zoom by me. Not these cars! They took like 20+ seconds, at least that's what it felt like, to reach and pass me. By that point I was already at the top, so I couldn't see them ascend and struggle, I can only imagine they were struggling because I could hear them, and I would look over my shoulder every now and then thinking they were about to pass, and then they'd be way back further than I expected.

Anyway I conquered this hill again at possibly my fastest time. I just have fear descending it now. I kept on going, exiting the place, and climbing up another hill. A few days back on this hill I saw 3 people walk their bikes up, too hard for them too. while I just zoomed right up. I mentioned that elderly man heading out earlier, because I caught up with him a few minutes later. I saw a small speck up ahead, my inital question was, is that another cyclist? It was so rare for me to encounter them on the road like this outside the park, so I was elated. I cycled faster and then he felt like he was moving slow, so I actually dismissed him as person just walking on the sidewalk (couldn't see him that well). Then I tracked his movement and I was like, that's way too smooth to be a walker, and then I concluded he was another cyclist.

Oh yeah, here it comes. I switched gears to some heavy ones and I brought up my cadence. I was now going to chase and pass this guy. It took a while since he was far ahead, but I did it, I just zoomed right by him. My legs were tired, but I felt so victorious. I kept going the rest of the way home at roughly the same speed, so that didn't wane my energy at all. I was so proud, he's the first cyclist I was able to "race" properly. In the park, people are so casual that I can pass by people easily. This guy was on the road with me and was putting in a medium effort.

Anyway after that I went back home and the rest of the day I didn't do much except for the taxes. I'm going to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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