July 4, 2022

I finally get over the "grief" of a breakup friendship

Hello, it's been a while since I last wrote here.

So I went to a place yesterday and I saw a person that was very special to me, she was my best friend. When I saw her, I immediately got happy and said "Heyyy....!", but she just respond me with a "Hello.". My little heart broke and I just come back to my friends because I got the message.

She is a person that I truly care about, but I don't want to be a part of her life anymore.

We stopped to talk when I had my suicide attempt and at that time I thought it was my fault and that I could fix our friendship. Nowadays I know that is not nice ghosting someone that is depressed or something similar, because if you are a decent person you should at least call her to drink a coffee or something like this you know. Sometimes a small talk is everything that you need.

I didn't write everything but for now is a good start.

PS: My English is not so good right now, but I know that I only will improve it if I practice.

Written by Slowet

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Posted On Jul 07, 2022

Unfortunately people come and go throughout our lives. It's okay, it happens. I have probably had 1000+ friends, hundreds of women included, come and go from my life. Every single one I can still find on social media and talk to, but we will probably never talk again for the rest of our entire lives.

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