May 18, 2020




Couldn't sleep well (again).

But my day was okay. We just had German and English, 2 1/2h each. Tomorrow we'll have math and WIF.

We just had a conference with our english teacher, the ones who write the term paper. We weren't that active. I mean, we listened and all, but didn't talk much. This influenced her Email introduction she'd sent then with the info's.

And I need to find a new video. 2 minutes is too much. Ah, what Video will I take? Maybe i'll find a shorter trailer. Should be managable. I hope I find one. I still find the copyright aspect complicated. That'll chase me all my life I guess. I don't want to do my preaches someday without creativity. Of course I'll try to do as much as possible myself, but sometimes others have good stuff. I want to do my presentations CREATIVE. Not just some easy persentation throwing the prompts in. Nothing against that, but I love to play around with brushes. Virtual brushes. In an hour I'll talk to Lea and then go to bed. Which means i've got 40 minutes to do everything to be ready.

So yeah.



Written by Plesi`

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