July 6, 2022

New Journal...almost Back to School time for this teacher.

I've not been great at journaling or with keeping up the habit of writing. Either way, I'm going to start this now and actually do what I can to keep it up. I'm going to look into lists of blog/journal topics and see if that helps me to keep the creative juices flowing.

Right now I'm in this mad reading frenzy that I started in January. I think I've read over 125 books so far this year and we are in July. I doubt I will read 200 this year because I'm likely about to slow down a whole lot when school starts back this month. However, my goal will be to reach the 150 mark for sure.

Most of the books that I have read have been in audiobook format. That is partially because I can multitask easier and because I commute an hour each way to my job as a teacher. I'm a high school geometry teacher and this coming school year will be my 7th year teaching and my 5th year teaching at my current school. We have a new principal, which I have yet to meet, but will hopefully meet here soon. I'm hoping that he takes part in the Patriot Academy that new teachers to the district are involved with on the 12th. If so, he'll be in my class for a few minutes and get to hear from me first hand about the kind of students he will be working with. I think that I am going to go through old Student Soundtrack Assignments that I have at home and I'm going to pull some diverse soundtracks to pass around and let the teachers look and see what they are coming into. This might be the best way to show representation of what our kids are like, plus it shows something that I do that helps me get to know the kids as opposed to just doing my survey of the stuff they like that I also send out.

I might write some more later, but for now, I'm logging off. Stay safe out there and stay hydrated!

Written by ARTransVet

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