May 18, 2020

cinematic (a dream)

I was walking downtown, playing Pokemon Go, and it felt so good to be strolling around outside and catching pokemon. I was west of the river, in an area where I don't normally walk, and that felt good too.

I wasn't just walking for fun, though; I was on a mission. Soon I arrived at the library and began looking around the first floor. I realized that I was still carrying my trombone in one hand (I forgot to put it away before entering). Awkward. I stopped by a side table where I could pack it up before embarrassing myself further.

My mission took me to the basement of the building (which was now a school building). There, a bunch of people were baking cookies and preparing for an event that evening. I was vaguely concerned that no one seemed to be social distancing. I also really wanted a cookie. One of the workers offered me an empty platter as a joke. There was a small piece of cookie in the corner, which I tried to grab, but she laughed and pulled the platter away. She wouldn't believe me that there was an actual piece of cookie there. As a gesture of pity (annoying), she gave me a piece of candy, which I didn't want but felt obligated to eat.

After the preparations were finished, everyone else left, and I was alone in the basement. All the cookies looked so good, but I knew I shouldn't eat any. Instead I decided to take pictures to post online. While moving around a marshmallow tree to get a better picture angle, I accidentally broke it and got pink marshmallow goo all over my hand.

Anyway, my mission was complete. I just had to escape the building safely. But first, I had to go to the restroom. I walked past one of the stalls and WHOOSH a huge jet of warm water hit me in the face. The toilet was busted and spewing water. I slammed the door shut, but I was already soaked and the water was pooling everywhere. I decided I didn't need to use the restroom after all.

Back on the first floor, school was apparently not in session; the place was empty except for a few adults. The layout was labyrinthine, but I couldn't ask for directions without giving away the fact that I was an intruder. I passed through an empty classroom that was like a cross between an aquarium and a movie theater, then found myself next to a closed fundraising center. The fundraising lady was standing there, a big fake smile plastered on her face. I can also do fake, and I figured I might as well get on her good side, so I told her I would love to donate and it was too bad the center was closed.

She told me, "No problem, sir, we'll be open again in three minutes."

OOPS I screwed that one up, I had no legitimate reason to leave now without looking wildly suspicious. I decided to use a time rewind. I rewound to the beginning of our interaction, then smiled at her and went on my way without saying anything about donating.

Farther on, I saw a sign saying there was an exit ahead for 500 (and then a currency symbol I didn't recognize, not USD, but I had no doubt it would be expensive). I didn't want to pay to leave, but this was the first indication I'd seen of an exit and I was getting desperate. Following the sign took me through an empty, shadowed classroom with signs on every desk saying it cost 5 (currency) to sit there. The small print on the signs indicated that it was a parody of the US educational system, but I had no doubt that they actually charged the money as well.

[Then I woke up, so I have no idea whether I escaped the school or not. Also I am kicking myself for not eating those cookies when I had the chance.]

Written by Achaius

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