July 8, 2022

First call with Wahl

2:12 AM (of Saturday, July 9th 2022)

Today is Friday, July 8th 2022 and it has been an amazing day. Most of the day was pretty normal, I woke up maybe at 5 AM and I did some stuff on social media, I worked a lot on Vegpal and got the post liking feature done for the news feed. I submitted a new build of Vegpal Dev to TestFlight and asked people in the team and also the interns to test it. Everything was good. My Internet did go out for a bit though, I am not sure why.

I think around 12:30 PM, maybe a bit before that, Wahl texted me back finally. It was on Sunday when I texted her last, and I was very anxious this whole week waiting for her reply, what would she say to my romantic messages and advances? She was on my mind this whole week. She texted me to see if I was available to call, and it was a good thing I had a meeting at 12:30 PM or else I probably would have texted her back right away. While I was in that meeting, she ended up texting me a bunch and replying to everything I texted her, all positive replies! I was so happy.

I replied back at around 2 PM to her text messages, I didn't reply to everything because there was so much to reply to, but I selectively replied to some things and I told her then that I would also be calling her up at around 6 PM. The rest of the day went by, me working a little, or really just not working at all and just thinking about the call and watching some anime.

At around 5 PM I started driving to the park. While on the drive there, she texted me back a bunch and replied to the previous stuff I sent. Some of these messages were kinda mean and angry sounding, so I was like, omg! Anyway I arrive at the park and it's like 5:40 PM or something. I read the previews of her text messages on my notifications window and was getting a little worried!

Anyway I coin flipped that I should call her at 5:59 PM so that's when I called her. I was insanely nervous talking to her for the first time and the first minute went by extremely slowly. We basically just talked about each other's names and that minute or two passed by so slowly! But somehow, we ended up talking for two hours. I was very surprised, the time went by really fast. There were a few moments of not awkward silence, but just silence. I told her I was fine with the silence and don't see it as weird or anything, and she agreed. She kept the conversation going the whole time though, asking questions, and talking a lot. She's amazing. Of course I had to do my share of talking as well.

We talked about her career, some of my accomplishments, veganism, our parents and family, YouTube, life philosophies, money, fame, past relationships, current plans and future plans, lots and lots of different topics. We even talked about the idea of becoming boyfriend / girlfriend and dating, and we were both cool with the idea. Wow. She's so amazing. How I felt about her the whole time was a lot of love, and desire, and warmth, and compassion. We vibed on every topic we talked about and just understood each other fully. A few times throughout the call I honesty wanted to just be like "oh look I have to go" or something, but I didn't really have any valid excuse. Before I could say anything though, she would ask a question or just start talking about something, and that kept the conversation going.

Anyway she has to get some errands done first and then she'll be visiting me. Maybe in a week or two. Omg so amazing. She is the most beautiful and attractive woman I've spoken to in my entire life and that's something I've written about before, and we vibe on every level, that's so amazing. Yeah I really like Wahl, she is a keeper, and she likes me too and she also thinks I'm a keeper, so we both win. Isn't that amazing?

Anyway I'm really happy. I was really glad to have talked to her today. I basically was just in my car the whole time by the way, parked at the park. I saw a bunch of people come and go as I remained parked, and honestly they went by like a blur. I don't even remember much in terms of what I saw while parked, I probably didn't see much, but I was enthralled by the conversation the whole time.

I drove home and was super happy the whole drive back home. Then I went to sleep, and I just woke up again recently to write this. Amazing.

Written by JustMegawatt

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