pokemon go buddy log - 2021-10-28

My alt phone is giving problems. First, Google Fit isn't tracking movement. This is pretty bad because I can't get buddy candy (my Sandile is stuck at 45 out of 124 candy needed to evolve) and I can't hatch gift eggs (for trading with my main for 3 candy each). I also can't get the weekly distance reward, which is a big chunk of my weekly resources.

Second, buddy interactions are bugged. At the AR start screen ("While using AR mode, make sure you're in a safe location..."), I can see the room in the background, but when I click OK to go to the interaction screen, it blacks out. It's pretty frustrating. Sometimes restarting the phone temporarily fixes the problem; sometimes it doesn't.

Both these problems started at the exact same time around a week ago, so I wonder if it's cold-weather related.

edit: It looked weird to have an entry without a photo, so here's my main's Charizard in the basement.

Log Entry by Achaius

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