pokemon go buddy log - 2022-02-23

Best buddy #27: Zwynberk, my shiny Nidoking. Honestly, I've been feeling pretty burned out on Pokemon Go lately. I have plenty of shiny pokemon, I have plenty of high-powered legendaries and meta battlers; it just feels like there's not much to do any more.

I mostly enjoy Pokemon Go as a physical activity. It adds flavor to a nice walk. Downtown it's more fun because I might rush somewhere on lunch break to pug a legendary raid, or explore an unusual part of town to build up my gym collection. Working from home, it's less exciting, but it still gives me impetus to take my daily half-hour walk outside, which is good.

Dad likes playing Pokemon Go from his car. I spent many hours in the car with him over the past six months. It's obviously a much more efficient way to gather resources and take over gyms, but it's boring. I guess for me, walking is an essential part of the fun of the game.

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