pokemon go buddy log - 2022-06-25

Lemme tell you what I’m NOT grateful for today: it’s Deino Community Day. Niantic nerfed the Community Day time back to pre-pandemic levels (11 am – 2 pm) and also nerfed incense, and there was a thunderstorm the whole time so I couldn’t go out. I didn’t get a shiny >:|

At least I’m not the only one mad:

  • [3:28 PM] Mavric: I am so pissed at them for so many goddamn things
  • [3:28 PM] Mavric: I'm kinda taking a break while I calm my nerves on them -_-
  • [3:45 PM] Spontaneite: I got one (1) shiny
  • [3:46 PM] Spontaneite: And yeah I am also salty that they returned community day to pre plague span
  • [4:18 PM] Mavric: It's not just that, their official comment on why shiny rates were so low for go fest
  • [4:18 PM] Mavric: Fucking, buy the special pass for better spawn rates and better shiny rates
  • [4:18 PM] Mavric: Oops tee hee, shinys are supposed to be rare that's why so few dropped
  • [4:19 PM] Mavric: Like??? Excuse me???
  • [4:19 PM] Mavric: You want us to buy your shit for nearly $20 then
  • [4:19 PM] Mavric: Tee hee you don't get what you paid for :blushcat:
  • [4:20 PM] Mavric: Fucking bullshit

(I wasn’t mad about GO fest because I honestly forgot that non-ticketholders got anything; they were so gung-ho about advertising the tickets that I thought it was a paid event only. I didn’t get a shiny there either, but I played like 15 minutes total over two days. No big deal. None of those shinies really mattered. Deino matters.)

Log Entry by Achaius

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