May 20, 2020

Did you know that Eb -7th b9 is a chord that you can play with the E Ionian mode


It's late but I got engaged in playing piano and some crazy modes. Do you know that E minor 7th b9 is a chord that you can play with the E Ionian mode?! That's to crazy for me yet, also I checked the chords of the famous of all times "All the things you are" by John Coltrane, made aquick analysis and it's just crazy. When you change 3 times your key in a song that's the dfinition of crazyiness.

Whatever, so the day went pretty smooth, didn't lost to much time today, specifically on youtube (I watched like 20 min tv, dunno why). But, I didn't do much actually.

I got caught up mostly in planning my (hopefully) last semester in college which is so freaking awesome!!!! I will be graduating this date next year for real?!!! And then hopefully travelling a bit and moving to Brazil!.

Another great news that I forgot from yesterday was that I'm a debt free little guy, I payed my whole debt (Q45000=$6000) which is not that much in dollars but in Quetzales it is a lot and I'm very proud that I payed it within a year and I still have a third of that amount in savings and investments so that's cool.

I also spent sometime with my neighbour which is this not old lady that has taken care of us a lot and she has always being there for us (tia yoya) aunt yoya. It was great to speak with her which is something that I should be taking care of as my relationship burner.

Another great thing maybe it was this video of Thomas Frank (good guy, great videos, amazing lessons) simply call 3 habits for better work-life balance, but he goes very deep into may things that I'm interested in like, the anxiety of being just better or more productive, should I generalize or be specific, how to apply essentialism etc etc in just 8 min. So it was great, I will make an article about it and translate it.

Here it is for you to check it out.

Written by johanam

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