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I'll be doing today my biography in exchange for a daily:
My name is Johanam Abdalla and I'm from Guatemala.
For me writing is basically putting down your thoughts to the world, you need courage, you need creativeness and, like most things, you need persistence and keep doing it and doing it.
I love Jordan Peterson phrase when he says "We should teach everybody how to write because there is no difference between writing and thinking"
So, as you can see, I love writing a lot but I don't think is my core. I'm still looking for that.
I'm studying mechanical engineer, re-starting a 12 years company, trying to ignite a start-up, helping people with English, practicing piano, perfecting organization and learning about investing and the stock market.
And I love each of them, that is a big issue for me but I will be an essentialist one day, I'm sure about that.
Or maybe not, but I'll be happy anyways.
That's a bit about me. love it or hate it.... or ignore it. It's a free world.
(love to hear stories too so e-mail me if you have anything interesting to tell:

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Running 3k timing

3k is my recent goal, first time, last week I did it in 17 min Goal is to do it in less than 5 min

Latest Entry: July 23, 2020

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johanam (Lvl. 17)

Biking to work

First time biking to work, I'll be doing it Tuesday, Thursdays and saturdays. Improve my time and my effort (Although is pretty good already, I guess) 7.8 Km in 30 min, elevation 168 m

Latest Entry: July 22, 2020

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johanam (Lvl. 17)

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