March 1, 2020

Views Now Track Unique Visits Instead of All Visits

Previously each time you visited a page, for example refreshing a page several times, the view count for that page would go up. This made it possible to inflate view counts and made it inaccurate to see how many people actually visited the page. Now it's been updated to only increase the view count if users have not been to that page during their session, with a session being defined as changing when they log in or out. Generally users can now view, edit, revisit their profile, or other posts, several times without worrying about always increasing views.

This is a better way to track visits as suggested by one of our users Plesi in this earlier post:

Please let us know if you run into any issues with this, or if you have any other suggestions for improvements.

Other updates:

  • - Fixed issue not allowing users to set journal to nothing when editing a photo
  • - Updated layout for the new photo and edit photo pages to work better with mobile
  • - Fixed issue where private photos would be publicly visible when associating it with a journal entry

Written by AYearAgoToday

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Posted On Mar 03, 2020

yay thank you ^^
I am looking forward to the experience update :)
I'm sure it'll be super awesome

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