March 2, 2020


Alrighty then, it seems that I'll be doing these reviews online. I kinda like it because I'll be able to see them and keep them but they might not be in my notebook to just check them easily. (I might just copy them straight out of here to notebook later)

Anyways, February was like an ugly first manuscript, it gave me a lot of clarity on the things that I'm good and the things that I'm not that good, it made me struggle and made me a bit anxious to see that this process it's going to be slow. But most importantly it made me realize that, as hard as it might feel, I'm already making progress towards my goals, I'm working more than most and I am transforming in this productivity machine. Basically the motto of February would be: "Yes it's possible!".

I liked that I kind of progress in most important aspects in my life, social life, economy goals (well, you can say I stepped down in that by seeing the numbers), different interests and college. I worked hard in many things and started to develop my routine by doing 4th iterations that I'm still improving by now (next week it's the 5th one)

Awesome things:

* You are doing it, you are actually doing it, Keep going!

* Some great deep work that you did.

* Great leading the company, you'll be one of the greatest, man!


* Schedule distractions and stick to that, don't sabotage yourself!

* Figure out how to do better and the right things with your family.

* Sleep and wake up on time! come on man!!! 

* Improve on morning routine and morning Deep work (Start by sleeping earlier).

* Get better in your weekend's work or not work.

* For business: Improve your networking skills one more time (GET OUT MORE)

Written by johanam

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