Feb. 29, 2020

Weekly review

Ok, quick review cause I already did February's monthly review and that gave me a lot of revelation already.

This week was a little bit weak, (haha bad joke), I actually worked pretty good, made some good deep work throughout the week and we advanced a lot in the company and the planning for the other business. I liked that it was a chill week, I didn't like that it was too chilling. It seems that some events actually affect our routines, or the ways that we act in our normal days, we usually are moved by events and feelings that life throws at us like seaweed moves from side to side by the waves, but actually staying in the same place, and to get better, we have to evolve just like life evolved millions of years ago, we have to go against the waves of life and stand when we need to stand and move when we need to move, sometimes going with the current and sometimes against it but always giving our best in life. Well, all of this metaphor just to say that after ending the partial tests and seeing the results of them from last week I felt like a short rest week, that's why I slept later and woke up later too.

I need to get better at accepting those events but not letting them to manipulate my feelings and with that my behavior and actions.

After all, it was a nice working week but I could do better.

"This is not your best, we will see when you are giving your best"

Written by johanam

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