June 2, 2020

Ok, I'm oficially overwelmed

JUNE 1st. 2nd quarter is over..... WE'RE ALREADY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE YEAR!!!

No way bro, no way! I really didn't feel this 3 months going on. I actually accomplished many things but this quarter compared to the first one it felt like a flashlight turning on and off quick as hell. I don't know if it was Covid-19 or what but damn is crazy.

Tomorrow I will be uploading my quarterly review here (I guess) but today I'm just feeling overwhelmed. I'm looking for ways to get a job or start a business or do anything to earn money (not a lot, not fast, just money) but I'm in the painful (and if I'm not careful, endless) process of deciding what to do.

I started trading a while ago and while is not making me, almost, any profit right now I've learned a lot and one thing I learned is to be patient and not rushing things, never try to predict but instead react to the changes of the market. But that can also become a bit bad as you can wait and be patient for ever and after all do nothing.

I want to move out right now but I need to get a job, which is not hard at all knowing english here in my country (we have tons of well paying jobs for sales or CSR) but I've been in those already and I would love not to comeback to them but do other thing. Either start my own business (Which I've done before and I love it) or work for an international company that can hire WFH. That would be great too because what I'm looking right now is for a little bit of money as right now in the market are coming a couple of breakouts and I can make some good money if I only have some more to invest with.

And yeah, I'm overwhelmed today as I was looking for opportuinities in businesses, jobs, WFH even clickrewards and appen jobs and everything sounds interesting and I'm afraid that I'll just give up and go for a normal local job or even worst, staying where and how I am right now.

Oh, but it get worst I'm also in the last year of my career (hopefully) which makes it very hard to find a job according to the schedule that I need (as I said, not that hard in the local jobs for english speakers). So I'm struggling a lot while getting in a couple of big crossroads and having a lot of things to influence and bias my thoughts and decisions, like my brother's wedding and him moving out too a month ago (https://medium.com/@johanam31415/learning-from-love-in-the-time-of-coronavirus-2779fbe3adfe) or just the intense feeling inside of living alone as I really like to be independent.

Well, I put myself in the corner here and I will obligue my self to make a decision before this coming friday.

I will be writing here what I'll do!!!


Written by johanam

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Posted On Jun 02, 2020

A huge mistake in the title as is "Overwhelmed" Sorry!

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