June 4, 2020

EXP and Level Now Shows on Header

Hey Guys,

New update today showing the level and current experience points in the header of the website. So now every page you browse, you can see your current level and experience.

How do I gain experience? Just by completing To Dos in the planner and writing Journal Entries in the Dashboard, you can gain experience points. You gain 250 experience points per each journal entry, and 70 experience points per completed To Do item. The journal entries and to dos can be private or public, you can level up at your own pace whether you share it publicly or not.

Let us know any issues, feedback and/or other suggestions. We are working on adding a Favorite feature next so that users can favorite other's posts, and something like a like button so that users can publicly show they liked reading the person's post.

Written by AYearAgoToday

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Posted On Jun 05, 2020

Cool! I like the current version of how you've done it (with the avatar on the left, and the name + experience lines closer together, and the text in black).

I'm surprised that wordcount doesn't factor at all into EXP. What about a shifting scale where you get 150 points per entry, plus up to 200 bonus points based on wordcount? I dunno, just tossing ideas around.

Posted On Jun 05, 2020

@Achaius Thanks for the feedback! Hmm the word count addition might be worth adding, we'll consider it.

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