June 6, 2020

You Can Now Favorite Pages

If you ever wanted to save a page for viewing again later, now you can! There is a new "Favorite" button right underneath the view counter. Clicking on this button adds the page to your Favorites list available in the dashboard. You can click the favorite button again to remove it from your Favorites list. This is not a Like button (which is another feature that will be added soon) and so the number of favorites isn't publicly shown, but the author of the content can see how many people favorited their page.

You can now favorite Journal Entries, Photos, and Log Entries. The ability to favorite entire Logs themselves is still being added. This entry will be updated once the favorites have been added for logs.

Work on a Like button will start today as well, stay tuned for that!

This feature was suggested by @Plesi` ! if you run into any issues, have any feedback or suggestions, please post them in the comments below.

Written by AYearAgoToday

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Posted On Jun 06, 2020

Wow, you're fast, thanks! :)

Posted On Jun 06, 2020

@Plesi` You got it! :)

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