March 3, 2020

Opportunities are there, take them!

"Daaam boys"!!!

That's what I said today to my coworkers in our small-medium construction company.

There is this myth about opportunities that most people believe, you asked a lot of people outside what is it needed to become a millionaire and most of them will list you a bunch of items, skills and ideas that some of them told us that they have it planned. And then you ask "soooo, why you are not a millionaire already" Oh and they may have as many excuses as the list before. But the common excuse that most people have is "I don't have money". Yep, they do not have money to invest in this or that or to study this or that.

Opportunities are actually there, you just have to take them. And one thing that I've learn from awesome mentors and great people from around the world is that money is actually one of the smallest things you should worry at the beginning. I had a mentor back in Boulder that he was from a country near russia (God I forgot) and he built one of the largest empires for online gambling and the first one in the whole country.

But the story of how he started the business it's just amazing. He went directly to a contact that he had in a huge company to look for a deal of a first investment he can work with. He got the deal without having one penny in his pocket, just with the power of the speech and the strategy to tie up the business with this company.

He got in to this huge building with the idea in mind ready to pitch it to this big executive, the whole building transmitted an energy of superiority but he had the guts to go to the last floor and started talking with this guy. He explained the business and how many figures in revenue it will make with a really structured business model, really clear ideas and the benefits to this huge company. Then the executive went right for the deal and said, -ok kid, here is the deal (using an american accent because russia right!) we will buy the business for $100,000 and you will work for us to develop it.

He was shocked, everything he just said and this bastard was turning the wheel for him to get the business. So he didn't care about the huge building or the well suited guy, he stand up and say "How you dare?! Here is what it's going to be, I'll be managing the project with my partner and you will be getting a 49% in the company, we will be needing an initial investment of $80,000 (for this and that) and if you don't like we have another meeting in half an hour. Thank you very much sir" And he started walking towards the door but the executive guy stopped him and shaked his hand to finish the deal.

He got out from there with $80000 and a contract for his new business.

The point of this is that opportunities are everywhere, and if you don't see any where you are, you'll have the brave and hard task to create them.

But when you see and analyze the opportunities around you. TAKE THEM AND WORK THEM.

Written by johanam

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