June 11, 2020

(not so) blank canvas.


My first post on this site so bare with me whilst I find a writing style / layout I like.

I found this site from joining a new guild on Habitica... I'm liking this so far.

Today has been a "meh" kind of day.I woke up in tons of pain in my arm, rib,legs and tummy again so I didn't go into work. Now I have to work Saturday, which is fair enough, I just hope I'm on calls so that the time goes faster! I spent the whole day downstairs being a bum basically.

I did call the doctor as the medication I am on isn't helping much. So... I am switching back to Pregabalin.

But it's not going to be as quick of a process as I thought.

Here's the doctors instructions of how to switch;

1) lease reduce down your gabapentin tablets every 4 days by 1x tablet;

11-14th June - 2 Gabpentin & Co-drydomols for pain relief in between as needed 

15th-18th June; 1 Gabpentian & Pregaballin 

18th-22nd June; 1 Pregablin 

23rd June- 26th June - 2 pregablin ... stick with that

2) when you are taking 1x gabapentin tablet you can start taking pregabalin again

3) take both for 4 days then stop the gabapentin so you are only taking pregabalin

4) increase this upwards as discussed before when issued.

I watched 3 different movies and had a nap.

I then started my blog up again...I want to stick with it this time.

Not much at all going on today if I am honest. As usual.

Written by spooningwithfibro

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