June 15, 2020

A day at home

Today I spent the day at home again. I've been up until 3:30-4am due to pain and just was too tired.

I got a few tiny bits health wise sorted today which gave me a piece of mind.

Didn't do a lot, just watched movies.

I enjoyed watching both "How to train your dragon - Hidden world" and "Shazam!" with Adam during his lunch break.

At around 3pm, I went to the local shops to buy bits i needed & our evening meal but as always, I came out with more than planned but its fine since it was my birthday money. I purchased;

  • The easy life book by lynsey crombie
  • 3 eye shadow palletes
  • a facial wash brush
  • Sticky notes for planner
  • Pastel gel pens & ball pens

and a magnetic "bullsey" tv show dart board & quiz...wasn't going to get it but thought it would be nice to do something together

I tided the kitchen then soaked my feet in the kitchen (using the bowl I purposely brought for this, may i add!) and watch my beau cook us tea.

We had soft shell chicken tacos which were amazing but messy!

Written by spooningwithfibro

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