June 18, 2020

Unexpected turn of events

Woke up and got out of the door again for 8.15am. I didn't feel right but carried on to work anyway.

Had lovely chat with my work friend, the cracked on with work. I though I was doing good as I was flying through most of the emails.

Then I had a massive migraine went hot and felt extremely sick that I had to run to the bathroom. I wasn't sick but upon returning from the bathroom, I felt like I had to run back.

I wrote a message to the person on management today. I sat there apprehensive , hovering my finger on send. I took a deep breathe and pressed it, knowing that there would be some issue.

I didn't expect management to leave me 6+ different messages like "Why have you not swapped your days, why have you not offered to make time up, you have a lot of sick days what happened to our agreement, you didn't do this that and xyz" one after the other without giving me chance to explain each one.

This made me see red. I've always called in , I've always offered to make time up, I've always *made* the time up.

I am never listened to when I call to say I'm swapping as it gets written down as sick. Even when i explained the agreement i have in place.

This honesty felt like a kick in the stomach, like it physically hurt after i read those things.

With that, I got up and left. Whilst I was sat on the bus stop waiting to go home, I hysterically called my husband and was met with a sweet "Its okay, just come home and relax. They treat you like rubbish anyway. Not just you but everyone else. You don't deserve that just come home and I'll see you soon. Love you"

Whilst I was on the bus, i had a phone call from work. The person apologised for there being a lack of communication and that it hasn't been record properly on the attendance system. I accepted the apology but also told them how I felt . I've still got my job. Luckily. But now I think is the right time to heavily focus on job hunting.

Shame as I have so many great friends there. Oh well.

I slept from 13.34pm to 15.46pm.... a lot longer than I planned. But my body needed it , clearly.

The evening was just the same old usual. Watch tv, tea and bed really though I struggled to sleep.

Written by spooningwithfibro

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