June 21, 2020

Weekend at work

Spent the whole weekend at work but it was all good. It was very quiet both today and yesterday which gave me time to get used to the new CRM system . I think I already have a great understanding of how it works but some stuff i needed a little reminder of how to do something as it was briefly touched upon in training about a month ago now.

Some of the floor support staff and my team leader (?) Was impressed by ways I was doing things or had said that it was good feedback on how others should be using the system.

I also unintentionally saved an email signature for the whole of the Bristol team to use. It's fine for them to use but they just have to take out my name **note to self - take out my name in work and replacewith "your name" // save to email folder instead**

I did a whoopsie when it came to Saturday's evening meal. We were set on having our first McDonald's since coronavirus closed it for a while. However, I told Boo that McDonald's wasn't delivering when in fact I found out much later that I had been looking on the wrong food delivery app.

Instead we tried a new bbq grill place, although it should have been called something to do with Mexican dishes as that's what most of the menu was. We opted for a £17.99 meal deal where you'd get 2 mains (burrito, Chimichangas or rice bowl), chips/salad and 2 cans of drinks. For the price we would have spent on McDonalds and still felt hungry we thought that this was a much better deal.

I opted for a chicken Chimichanga as I've always wanted try it, thanks to Deadpool! An ohhh my, I wish I tried this sooner. It was so delicious.

My arm sling and handmade masks from my mum arrived too which made me happy! Mum,bless her, wrote me a little note with instructions of how to care for the masks as I accidentally shrunk the original ones she so lovingly made us.

I haven't really done anything else as I've been so shattered but hope to get back into the swing of things tomorrow!

Written by spooningwithfibro

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