March 6, 2020

1st factor for SUCCESS

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Alright then, Success

What do you think that it takes? Do you think that is something that we learn it, or it's something that we are born with, is it for the one who work the most? or maybe its thanks to the place and environment that we are raised in, or just a matter of luck.

I was talking with my sister today about this matter. All of this came from the video of "Amazon Empire" that is a really well-done documentary about Amazon and how did they get where they are right now. And of course, if you talk about Amazon you talk about Jeff Bezzos who has been leading the company all this time.

So it crossed my mind, what is needed to achieve, what do you have to be to become a Jeff Bezzos. Well, between the wiseness of my sister and my intelligence (yeah right) we came with 4 factors to become a successful person.

First of all, you need a vision, and no, "being like Jeff Bezzos" (Mark Zuckenberg, Bill gates etc) it is not a vision, it might be an inspiration, but not a clear vision.

A vision has to be something very clear where you want to be, what do you want to have or what do you want to become. Any answer to those 3 question is a true vision, and here is the thing, a vision first and foremost is different from a dream. I love to compare them as a crush, a crush is someone so dreamy that you would like to be with, but you know that is almost impossbille or basically by labeling as a crush is already banned from your circle of control, a vision is something that you have your eyes lock on, is something that might seem difficult, almost impposible but you'll do anything to accomplish that vision. In the other hand, a vision doesn't have to be huge or something 

unattainable, it can be something very simple as doing all my homework this week (I'm finally delivering all my homework) or it can be a bit more complex as being called an "engineer", "Biologist", "Artist" etc or it can get as big as using the "est" suffix like being one of the greatest in something, one of the richest person, one of the best writers, or the owner of one of the largest companies in the world like Jeff Bezzos.

And one of the most important things is that this vision comes with sacrifices that not anyone is capable of doing, as one of my favorite quotes says "You can have ANYTHING, but you can't have EVERYTHING"

And well, this is the tricky part and where we can see that your vision is so related to your definition of success, where social media and world exposure has failed us. For this I will quote Mark Manson:

"As we're made aware of this in a terribly connected way each day. Every person who decides to sacrifice their dating life to advance their career is now bombarded constantly by the rambunctious sex lives of their friends and strangers. Every person who sacrifices their career prospects to dedicate more time and energy to their family is now bombarded with the material successes of the most exceptional people around them at all times. Every person who decides to take a thankless but neccessary role in society is now constantly drowned in inane stories of the famous and beautiful"

Basically having a vision means knowing yourself and being able to see where you want to be in the future, the more you know yourself, the clearer your vision will be and the less distracted you'll feel from the noise of this big and connected world.

The next step after having a clear vision is the path that will take you to that vision, that's called a mission for some companies, we can call them strategies but I would like to call them intelligence (more like creative intelligence but whatever).

You'll have to wait for my next post on this 2nd factor for success.

Written by johanam

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Posted On Mar 06, 2020

Great post man, I think too many of us don't have any vision for our lives, or our vision is shortsighted. Sacrifice is also a big component, you have to give up some things if you want other things. You can't enjoy video games all day while expecting to also have good grades in school. You have to sacrifice some time for those games in exchange for some time to study. No way around it.

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