June 26, 2020

Sum up of my 'holiday'

I took holiday for 4 days (Tuesday to Friday) as I was starting a higher does of Pregabalin. I tried taking 2 Pregabalin tablets in the morning and evening for the first time a few weeks ago , came off them then went onto another medication, Gabapentin. However the Gabapentin didn't work at all so I agreed to go back onto Pregabalin. I wanted the week off to allow my body to get used to any bad side effects if I were to experience any. Just my rotten luck that I was fine on them, for the most part.

I felt drugged in the morning and during the night after a few hours of taking them but I've in hardly any pain!

I didn't do too much on my holiday. I just spent time catching up on housework and enjoying the sun. I had a nice mix of doing stuff and chilling. I did learn how to iron. It wasn't as scary as I thought.

It was nice to be home with Boo, although he was working.

I had a call on Thursday to say that I won't be working with the original phone call campaign was recruited for due to the campaign not getting many phone calls or emails. I thought that I was going to be fired with the way the cell was going. But it turned into a good thing. As the company is trying to make jobs for everyone, I've been moved to a different phone call campaign. I'm excited but nervous... again another big change whilst I wasn't in.

I messed around with bleach and a tshirt. I think it came out okay. Don't worry, I'd already wrecked it with a line of bleach a few weeks back as I was cleaning the house.

My husband purchased a guitar and so spent the night setting that up and sounds awesome so far although he's starting to learn it again from beginners level. I'm so jealous aha.

Written by spooningwithfibro

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