June 27, 2020

I win , fibromyalgia 0

Today was a very successful day!

  1. I put all the washing away
  2. Sorted out pretty much all of the bags downstairs apart from my work bags (I switch between the two depending on my partially dislocated shoulder on the morning)
  3. Went upstairs and sorted out 3 more bags, stuff to go downstairs and some other bits and pieces (I do have to bring the bag downstairs)
  4. Had a shower
  5. Cleaned the kitchen
  6. Sorted our lunch
  7. Washed that up
  8. Had a family meeting where we discussed things going well, not so good, what's in progress and if theres anything else to add to our list of how to improve our relationship. I also made us do a "F.A.N.O.S" (Feelings, Acknowledgement/Affirmations, Needs, Own, Soberity) counselling activity, though I traded S - Soberity for "Something to make us better as a couple or something you want to do together" . This went really well and was really positive... for the "own" bit, we both said sorry for the same thing. We owned when we were wrong an recognised why we both felt how did at each other.
  9. I went out to the local Tesco's and got lunch stuff and baking stuff.
  10. Made cupcakes & listened to the hubs play his new guitar along to some tutorials of how to play
  11. Washed up
  12. Made tea - from fresh & came out okay... I do need to put in in for a little less time and do more carrots but I'm pretty proud and the husbands plate was empty so I couldn't have done a bad job after all 😅
  13. Washed up most of the tea stuff
  14. Listened to hubs play his guitar some more to some tutorials
  15. Sorted my medicines for the week
  16. Sorted my medication box
  17. Brought down the blanket and pulled out the sofa - another night sleeping on the sofa as the bed upstairs isn't made and has all my stuff on for a moment

Today I actually felt like a normal person. Whatever normal is anyway. I didn't really feel like someone with chronic pain. I did more today then I could have 6 weeks ago in a week. I'm still getting some pains but compared to how it has been before, it's nothing like that. And anyway the pains are more to do with my shoulder and stomach (I messed up when I was trying to work out for the first time properly)

Written by spooningwithfibro

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