July 1, 2020

July's New Challenges - Exercise Consistently, Treat Yo' Self, Flexibility Challenge, Living Vividly

Woke up @ 1am after sleeping all day. Went outside to smoke and found a large slug like the ones I saw the last time I saw my mother. After talking to my aunts about how I should keep in touch with my family more often, I wonder if this is a sign from God that I should look for my mother and reconnect with her. I woke up again at my usual 10:30am and realized that the Habitica challenges would be resetting so most of my day today has been focused on finding goals to stick to for this month. I joined some new and rejoined some old challenges.

Treat Yo' Self Challenge: Some small things that I could do to be happier are to exercise (ex: going for a pokemon go walk at sunrise or sunset), participate in a hobby I enjoy (reading, drawing, sewing, playing a video game) that gives a sense of achievement or accomplishment, and have some soothing hot tea and/or a hot bath before bed.

Exercise Consistently Challenge:

January - What I like about exercise is that it gives me a good burst of energy in the morning, or redirects my energy when I'm feeling in a low mood or am struggling with ADHD. I think I may look fit because I'm thin, but weight does not necessarily mean fit, so I want to work on gaining more muscle mass, which I can do with consistency.

February - Obstacles preventing me from working out would be time and the fact that I live in a shared space and might not always have the space. I don't like working out in front of other people. For now it makes me uncomfortable, but it's something I could work on. For now I find it easier to work out in the morning when no one else is around and I adjust my routine around the people I live with as needed.

March - I joined this challenge late, but morning workout routines work best for me, though I want to try doing more reps throughout the day since my equipment-less exercising has gotten a little too easy during my half-hour morning routine. I just don't know if I'll be able to stick with it, but I want to try.

April - I really wish to try archery, but I can't currently afford the membership fee or know if the club near where I am is currently open due to covid, but I have looked into that. I'm also interested in rollerskating, ice skating, or dancing, but don't currently have anywhere in mind to try these things out and worry about going alone. Dancing at least is something I can do at home, so it's more realistic. To get out of my comfort zone I could start taking walks around the local area (I suffer from agoraphobia and just moved to this location).

May - I try to vary my meals and eat balanced. I don't track my calories due to a history of anorexia, nor do I own a scale. I just try to eat things I like which are healthy, cut down on caffeine and sugar, and have a "colorful plate" with plenty of fruits and vegetables (and grains and protein of course).

June - "Life is what happens when we're making other plans." It always finds a way to get in my way of doing things, so I have to learn to adapt. My biggest obstacle for fitness right now is that my schedule revolves around the schedules of the people I'm presently staying with and I can sometimes be limited in utilizing the free space when people are home.

July - Breaking up sets throughout the day and avoiding working out in the hottest hours can help make things easier on me since I do want to do more exercising than just my morning half hour routine and change it up a little bit.

6 Flexibility/Mobility Stretches to do Daily:

  1. Left/right side bends
  2. Butterfly stretch
  3. Dish hold
  4. Superman
  5. Standing toe touch
  6. Left/right sitting toe reach

Vivid Feels: Today I didn't really have any stand-out emotions. I mostly kept busy with organizing Habitica and my tasks/challenges, making room for new things and getting rid of the old cluttering everything up. I have been feeling depressed lately, but I have therapy and a social work appointment tomorrow, so I think I'll be fine until then. I was more depressed earlier when I woke up in the middle of the night because I realized I had slept for almost a full 24 hours, and I ended up going back to sleep after that because it was 1am. After such a well-needed rest I felt a bit better though and ready to tackle this month and moving this weekend, finally cutting ties with a very toxic person who was in my life for too long.

Written by iyazo

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