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Jasper | late 20s | they/he pronouns | Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)

I used to play Habitica (the reason I started this journal) many years ago when it was HabitRPG, but decided to start with a fresh account since back then I was doing much better- hence why I left...I completed so much already on that account, and my needs are totally different now. I'm trying to get involved with groups, challenges, and different personal tasks that help with what I know I need and where I want to build myself up to be. I plan to use this journal to keep up with challenges and keep track of my mood and progress.

I struggle with complex post traumatic stress disorder from a lifetime of various traumas, borderline personality disorder, bipolar (unspecified), major depressive disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, nightmares/night terrors/sleepwalking, chronic spinal pain partially from severe arthritis (I was partially paralyzed when I had meningitis as a kid and never regained full mobility), bone and joint pain because my body is void of vitamin D, and other such pains...

I'm transgender but also genderfluid, ranging from nonbinary to demimale. Depends on the day and dysphoria, which I am on hormone replacement therapy for. I'm also demisexual and polyamorous. I consider myself to be spiritual and I'm trying to re-discover myself, my own likes and dislikes, etc. from feeling nothing or pain for so long.

I'm currently trying to get my life back on track after it was completely derailed and I realized that not only am I not the person I know I can be or want to be, but I can hardly care for myself. So I'm here to work on bettering myself and trying to maintain a positive outlook on life. Ultimately my goal is to use this paired with Habitica as tools for greater independence and self-efficiency.

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