July 5, 2020

Overdoing It With Chronic Illnesses

Yesterday was a busy day for me, and I got a "lot" done. Well, for me anyway. Did some dishes, started some laundry, cooked dinner, watched fireworks (which included walking up and down the street a couple times to see what was going on). I was pretty tired by the end of the day, but it was a good kind of tired that comes from actually having done something.

The only problems is that you end up paying for those days eventually.

I woke up late this morning with my knee killing me and just feeling sore and worn down all over. I've been dragging every since.

Still, it's not the same kind of exhaustion I feel on a daily basis. It's hard to describe what's different. Mainly, I think it's the fact that my body is sore from use because I'm seriously out of shape after doing almost nothing since last summer. Probably the must frustrating part of chronic fatigue is there doesn't feel like there's a reason to be so tired. You get a full night's sleep and haven't done anything physical yet you feel like you ran a marathon or worked a double. That and the mental fog. Ugh.

So, despite not really doing much yesterday (in the grand scheme of things), I'm worn out today, but it feels better than being fatigued from doing absolutely nothing.

And I still did stuff today. I loaded the dishwasher and got out the baking soda/vinegar to scrub this casserole dish that has some stuff caked on it that wouldn't come off in the dishwasher or with dish soap. And since I had that stuff out, I scrubbed around the one burner on the stove that has a bunch of black stuff caked on. I got most of it off, but all of that left me sore and even more tired. But I felt like I accomplished something even if it was only a quarter of the stove clean.

Then my husband suggested ordering Papa Murphy's pizza so I didn't have to cook (was going to grill hot dogs and that's an ordeal with our stupid charcoal grill). Of course, Papa Murphy's pizza has to be baked so I still sort of had to cook except in the middle of doing that, my husband and I ran to the store because there's something wrong with one of our cats.

He won't eat the dry food anymore. I think he hurt his jaw or tooth. The other day I noticed him just staring at the food but not eating it. He's lost a lot of weight, too. So I fed him a can of tuna we happened to have and he devoured it like he hadn't eaten in days. Maybe he hadn't. Then I fed him another can of tuna the next day. And yesterday, I fed him a can of chicken. That was all of the canned meat we had in the house. So we went to the store to get some canned cat food.

He seems a lot happier now that he's eaten a few big meals. We don't have the money for a vet right now, so I hope he recovers on his own. He's been through a lot and is really tough. Fingers crossed. His name is Bellamy. He's a ginger and will be four years old on the 12th.

Anyway, that little trip to the store wore me out again and had me wheezing. Guess I'm going to have to start carrying my inhaler with me. I don't know if moving around that much is triggering the breathing problems or if it's my anxiety (because going to the store is ugh and makes me so nervous). Either way, it sucked.

Now here it is at 6pm, and I'm so sleepy. Not that it would be any different if I hadn't done all that stuff yesterday or today. I'd still be sleepy. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

*picture of Bellamy from last September being really weird. He slept sitting up in that little bucket like that despite the fact there are two boxes with blankets right next to the bucket.

Written by justanotherjen

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