July 14, 2020

I'm gonna do it

So yes, that's my decision. I'LL DO IT

I've been struggling the past 20 years (I'm 23) about how much can a person handle or if I should become a true essentialist, loved the book btw, so I've tried many different strategies and approaches to my issue and my anxiety to the perfect productivity system.

My issue is that I love to many things, cooking and baking, piano, music and jazz, technology and science in general, reading almost anything (from fiction and history to engineer thesis and personal developmnent), writing, learning new stuff in general (taking tons of online courses), exercise and physical sharpness, parkour and basketball as main sports, running, mountain biking, hiking and wondering around in nature, entrepreneurship and thinking of new businesses, earning and saving money in different ways, 3d design and 3d printing, being a leader and delegate to people, improve my social skills, giving public speeches, singing! researching stuff mmm I guess that's all. The things I hate is painting and drawing and I'm sure a couple more that for sure are way less things that I hate than I like.

So yes, I thought this was an issue and I always tried to reduce the things that I do to get better results in the things I focus. And (there is no "but" here) I understand is important to focus. Actually I tried when I was working in the USA focusing only in my project as it gave me great results. I will focus when the time comes and I need to quit everything and focus in that one thing, but now is not that time. I want to enjoy the things that I like and keep doing them althought I might not get as good as if I focus on just one of them, but life is about the journey and if all of this things are part of my journey I know I will enjoy that journey and enjoy that life.

Right now, I know how to set priorities and focus in the important things (not the urgent). That's why I'll give a tiny part of my week to some hobbies but I'll be prioritizing college and entrepreneurship in my life as this what I was made for (Entrepreneurship, not college jaja).

"I'm going to do it" is the title of this post because I thought that by taking this decision of working in a new project is rejecting everything else and focusing in that thing, but actually is just setting priorities and keep enjoying my life and hobbies in different proportions but not taking them completely off the table.

I'll try my best

Written by johanam

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Posted On Jul 14, 2020

You got this Johanam!

Posted On Jul 21, 2020

@JustMegawatt Thank you! Sometimes we need to hear that.

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