March 11, 2020

It's all about people:

Human beings (*sighs*) Yep, we're not the best creation in this world, but well, we are still here. 

There is a point of view from each person in this world, and the key, the huge secret that everybody should learn and know about connections and people is trying to see, feel and react to each of those different points of view.

This wasn't in the original article I wrote but just to let you know that I'm maybe the worst at this, my type of leadership is like the typical director of a movie or the sometimes disgusting boss that you have and I'm really trying to change that. (Sorry)

Oh yes, I know, sounds so hard "how am I going to know every mind and point of view" Yes. I can hear you saying that all the way here. And yep it's really hard and that's why such a tiny amount of people have success in interpersonal relationships, so few people even have the courage to go up the stage. We are wired to share our point of view and since the first time we cried going out your momma's belly we've been doing different things with the same objective, to "get attention". But stopping, listening and trying to understand others, without giving or even thinking about our opinion is so hard that almost no one practice it and few masters.

And yes, let me tell you, this is the key, according to the book "How to win friend and influence people" 

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

In this book, Dale Carnegie tells about the best ways of mastering this beautiful art of treating people, from introducing yourself to strangers to managing people in your job or business. And it was written in 1936!!!

So it's not me, Dale says that this is the key, let them talk about them, get interested by their interests, praise their stories, decisions and actions Do it truthfully and with a pure heart, blocking our mundaine and inner neccessities of speaking over about you, and you'll be rewarded.

Not by removin wehat's in your heart through words, not by being praised for your past or ideas, but you'll be rewarded with the power of people, they will see you in a different way, you'll make an impact of them, they will hear you when is your turn to talk and you'll be able to know and learn more about them, what they do and why they do it and it will lead you to grow the skill of how to interact with every person that approaches you or that you want to approach. 'Cause after all IS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE.

Written by johanam

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