July 18, 2020

My True Name (Contemplate, Admire, Learn => Create)

You know how some people have mottos that, usually for them, sums up their experiences and life choices, well, for me those tiny words, quotes or phrases are small pieces of gold (by the way is raising in the market) that you can relate and empathyse to them through those mottos but most importantly you can keep them in your heart and learn from them. The uncanny thing for me is how they came with that, some are just amazing, as I tried to define a lot what I am and what my motto would be, and let me tell you something, is not an easy task.

I read a while ago a series of books called "Eragon", amazing fiction books with great little gold nuggets that I'll share sometime but, one of the best parts in the last book was a time when "Eragon", the main character, and "Saphira", his dragon, went to a journey to find their true names to open a vault and fulfill their destiny. Anyways, he explains that their true names is a word in the "ancient language" (just bare with me) that compiles all their being in one world or phrase and by all their being I mean their character, experiences, passions, secrets, way of thinking etc etc. Everything that makes them what they are. And it was a great journey for Eragon, long and arduous, but finally he discovered his true name and it involved many things he knew and clarified some blurry things about him, there were even things he hated about himself but it was worth it, he knew himself (and saphira) completely and then accepted himself how he is. Moreover, he found hope in something that his master said about how anyone can change their true name with time.

So, imagine that we are in this world for one reason only: to find what we are and what we were made to do in this earth. One more time, not an easy task, but I think that is the ultimate rewarding task in life and most importantly this journey of looking for this IS our life. The goal or anything that we want to achieve, I think, is the way to keep ourselves sane, but, at the end, our life is made by that journey that may or may not take us to that goal or a different one and the real objective is to find ourselves throughout that journey.

For stoics, one of the most important phrases or "mottos" is "Memento Mori" that meas "remember, you'll die" and throught this pandemic I gave a faint though to it and what I got from that is this question "what would be the state of life that I would like to have in the moment of my dead to be finally happy?", long question (I know), but I gave different answers to it and the best one for me doesn't really includes my age, physical look, accomplishments, power or even money (I like money) but just knowing (Knowing! important) that I truly learned who am I and what I was here for. And of course it would be better if I did some or a lot of that thing I was in this earth for but just knowing for me is happiness.

That's me and I want to start building my motto from this 4 words that I think that are my pillars and a blurry glimpse of what I am here for. CONTEMPLATE, ADMIRE, LEARN and hopefully CREATE.

I'll be writing each part in the following articles so stay tuned. And please, write or send me if you already know who you really are and what is your purpose in this beautiful journey of life.

Written by johanam

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Posted On Jul 18, 2020

This is a wonderful and empowering entry. Thank you for it sharing it 🙆‍♀🙆‍♀😊

Posted On Jul 21, 2020

@elvena_art and @Quarter Thanks a lot guys!!! It's great to hear that I hope that it was useful and let's see where is this journey going to take us.
(This comments always cheer me up, thank you again)

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